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Are you ready for Hillary in 2016?  No?  Well it seems that some supporters of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign are so dead keen they simply cannot wait and have rented its email list to Ready for Hillary, the super PAC laying the groundwork for a potential second attempt at the White House in 2016.

Now Super PACs, those distended, over paid, bloated barriers to democracy and the rise of the unsupported non oligarchical candidate, are not allowed to directly coordinate with candidates or campaigns. However because the blessed Hills is not a declared candidate there is nothing improper about being rented out the old email list.   It is though a decided pointed that our best loved old oligarch Clinton is considering another bid for the Oval Office. Clinton has said she will make a public decision on whether to mount another campaign this year (we all though know fine well the ol’ gal’s going),  a web of outside groups have been formed to put down the basic structures for her.  Many of her top aides from 2008 campaign are digging in and even several top Obama operatives are working for them.

And the bumper sticker at the top?  That shows she is really going to do it?  That’s available from https://www.readyforhillary.com/splash and very slick it looks too.

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