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article-2072639-0F220C8300000578-47_634x697Source Daily Mail

Sir Gerald Howarth, the elderly dribbling English MP for Aldershott has stepped forward to stand up for fellow Conservative shit-bag and supremely leaden footed fool, Aiden Burgley scumbag supremo and MP for Cannock Chase.  Burley was embarrassed after having attended celebration in La Foulne in Val Thorens a French restaurant where the groom Mark Fournier, was dressed up as a full member of the SS.  Burley had brought this suit with him for the idiot git of a groom to wear. You could just bet he is an Oxford educated accountant.

Sir Gerald sought to excuse this by stating, that well, “We’ve all done it”.

Well no actually we bloody haven’t.  I have never dressed up as a Nazi or even considered it.  I doubt you have either.

Why?  Why chose the uniform of the greatest threat to European peace. culture and safety many can remember?

Who knows, but as a politician it’s plain bloody stupid.  If you are standing for election and worse if you are an elected representative – even if what you do is free speech and you don’t secretly wish a resurgence of the National Socialist movement – it is still the following: It is tactless, foolish, ill timed and above all shows that this particular politician has a tin ear for the thoughts and feelings of a whole raft of the population as well as not a glimmering of how this will play abroad.  It is insulting to the country he is in even if he wasn’t aware it was actually illegal.  There are still enough victims of the SS alive, and close relatives of those who died, who will take this as deeply, deeply hurtful.

So, then why does Burley think “oh allow me to hire the suit, and lets dress up the groom as a Nazi”, and as sodding SS Nazi at that.  Maybe because as Oxford graduates and anointed rulers of the state at that, simply because, darhlink, the cut and styling was just so much better than the scruffy working class old Wehrmacht.  They can then stare inanely and wonder why Britain is being beaten over the head abroad with these images. Mein Gott und kleine fisch

Why did he not as they used to say “make his excuses and leave?”

Oh no worse was to come.  Grief they even went off for a pub crawl afterwards chanting “Hitler Hitler Hitler” and “Eichmann, Eichmann, Eichmann”.  Words fail one.

It may be some comfort, but Britain does not have a monopoly of this sort of thing.  No indeed who may choose to forget Rich Lott of the Republican Tea Party.   Its not a party this time oh no.  Its re-enactment.  That makes it so much better.

05_Flatbed_WEB - OCTOBERSo – perhaps there is a little Nazi in us all.  Remember when Prince Harry went to a “Colonials and Natives” party in 2005 dressed up in Great-Great Uncle Edward’s North Africa Corp summer kit?

prince-harry-as-naziThat went down well. Mind you the concept of “colonials and natives” as a theme sounded even dodgier than the dressing up.

Even the British Liberals are at it.  I leave you with Sean Aspey a truely spectacularly idiotic Welsh Councillor, seen at his fortieth birthday party.  He felt so happy about this portrayal he popped the image up on Facebook.

sean-308879730look its just a bit of fun…right?

We might just wonder what it is that is so very attractive to our representatives in both the UK and the USA in continually dressing up as Nazis.  Other countries do not indulge in these shenanigans.  You do not see other Europeans doing it.  It’s not a habit of openly corrupt Russian politicians or even blood soaked African dictators.  Why with us the anglo-saxon democracies, why do our political elites see such romance in this vile sickness?

Copyright David Macadam 2014

Coda.  Today 5th February it was announced that Burgley is to stand down as a Member of Parliament at the next election.  Sense but only when shouted at, stupid little picklehaube.