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clapDid someone clap?

Oh how times change – and how fall the mighty. Remember Germany in 2008 erupting in Obama-mania roaring their boy to the rafters? Remember when we were all Obamanaughts?  It was the God effect perhaps,  and oh the sound system. Half a million turned out, and now….?

Not so today, with the end of Obama’s One-Man-and-his-autocue tour of Europe fizzling out into… well nothing much really. Not even a polite golf round clapette. Here we were at the Joint news conference with Dutch PM Nuclear Security Summit.  Perhaps it’s a clash of styles. Perhaps it was the subject of how America gathers its NSA information delivered in a disingenuously patronising manner about privacy and personal rights to an audience from several countries flagrantly trawled by the NSA.  Perhaps Europe is tired of being lectured by Obama as headmaster.

This near non-response from the audience above comes amid Guardian reports that President Obama will arrive to the EU and NATO G7 conference in Brussels with a 900-strong entourage that includes 45 vehicles, three planes and a price tag of €10M ($10.4M) for the president’s 24-hour stay. The Guardian also reports that the capital city of the province of South Holland was nearly shut down for the arrival of the 53 world leaders.

For this Nuclear Summit the Emperor Obama showed up in a train of armoured limousines while Prime Minister Rutte rode in by himself on a bicycle, and he wasn’t even wearing a helmet!

It was an eye-opener as to European attitudes to Obama’s lame duck presidency. Embattled? Challanged? Overblown? Or just plain buggered?

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