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Yep it was all a bit like groundhog day down in Texas on Tuesday. They elected a Bush for office. A new bush, burning with youth and vim, albeit from that same family of oligarchical deadwood that insists on imposing itself on the nation’s political leadership.

Not content with ol’ great granpappy Senator Prescott Bush back before the war, or his son, GP’s granpa President George Herbert Walker Bush, or his non-entity uncle President George W Bush nor yet even his own father Governor Jeb Bush we see yet another bloody Bush (Bushbaby anyone?) step out blinking into the well greased glare of corporate handouts and lobby managed public appearances.

Oh yes, George Prescott Bush, 38 years old and a Fort Worth Attorney and energy consultant, is the grandson of one former president and nephew of another and son of a Governor and managed to win out against the relatively unknown former El Paso Democratic Mayor John Cook in the running of this week’s 2014 mid-term elections.

Bush baby comes with significant relevant baggage in Texas, as uncle former President George W. Bush, was also Texas governor. One might have felt that since uncle G W buggered things up last time round that even putting the name Bush down on the ticket would be toxic. Seems that time has soothed matters. Obama’s woefully slack handling of matters and a bumpy six years has helped here too. We can be certain of this though, G P’s win here has made a run by his father Jeb Bush for 2016 that bit more likely.

George P. has worked well to damp down any lofty family expectations as he sought the relatively little-known post of Texas Land Commissioner. That said it’s a good start into the curriculum honorium. The Texas GOP has touted him and his family’s famous political surname as key to wooing Hispanic voters. His swarthy skin, Hispanic ancestry and good Spanish all seen as a way the same old oligarchy will be holding the chains of power in the middle of the century. George P Bush can join those wives, children and grandchildren of Carter, Nixon, Quayle, Kennedy, Clinton who will all be there.

And in America hereditary has no place in Politics?

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