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duchess of alba“When I clap my hands I want you to do an emergency stop..”

I write a lot about the Oligarchy that squats toad-like on the body politic of the democratic West, on America and her allies. But where, I wondered, would this lead if drawn out to its inevitable conclusions?

Well, it is not too much of a stretch to say it would lead to the likes Maria del Rosaro Cayetana Alfonso Victoria Eugenia Francisce Fitz-James Stuart y de Silva who has died this week. She was a member of a 500 year old family at the centre of a nest of political and social families connected to the best of them all. So eminent was Maria that she did not kneel to Popes, and she claimed precedence over even Elizabeth II of Great Britain as she is descended from James VII and II, and not those nasty common Germanic upstarts the Saxe- Coburg-Gotha’s.

Always know “simply” as the Duchess of Alba she was a Duchess 7 times over, a Countess 17 times over and a Marquese an astonishing 33 times over.

The papers are in raptures, muttering sagely about “end of the line”, and “an age passes” they gush. Not a bloody bit of it.

Descended from kings, connected to Churchill and Diana Princess of Wales, and Prince William she had it all, – or certainly a huge slab of it – including a personal fortune of between £525 million and £3 billion (well it all depends on your accountant doesn’t it?) vast properties in Marbella, Ibiza, and Seville. And she has made damn certain every cent goes to her children. Her library alone (built up long ago by others) is worth £20 million.

Without political reform this, inevitably, is the future.

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