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I hate to turn on women to say that any are stupid, but goodness me Azealia Banks shouts her stupidity from the rooftops. You see, this stupid woman, Azealia Banks, rapper, singer and songwriter wants to seek out and find the descendants of US slave owners and make them pay reparations.

She seems to have picked on the descendents of the DeWolf family for her initial ire suggesting that people should set fire to their houses and sue them.

Now I may be wrong but I’ll wager good money that Azealia won’t be interested in finding the descendants of the black overseers on “dem dere ole plantations”. Nor will she be nearly as keen on pursuing the families of the black carpet-baggers and collaborators who did very well at the expense of others of their race. Will Azealia condemn the black business men in the North that wouldn’t give freed Southern black men jobs after the Civil War? Will she seek out the black African tribal leaders that led slave catching expeditions to snare their neighbours in the bush and drag them in chains to sell them on the shore to the crews from Liverpool and Bristol and Istanbul? Men to American slave fields, girls to Arab harems. Will she even admit that the entire slave enterprise was unviable without fully complicit black African involvement?

I doubt it. But I would love to hear that she intends to. Somehow I doubt that this trendy. Leftie-liberal la-la will do anything other than run away from those truths.
It will be expensive, time-consuming, wholly useless and utterly stupid.

That would be like Jewish people trying to find the descendants of Rameses II and making them pay reparations for being slave owners before Moses led them to the Promised Land.

You know, what irks me most about Azealia’s ideas are not that they are ignoble, but that they are so Stupid. Stupid with a capital S. Stupid with a sense of self serving grandstanding.

So what then might Azealia do that I would find less daft?

Well Azealia, you don’t have to go way back to find slavery and atrocities against your ‘own’ people, Azealia.

Perhaps, just as a suggestion Azealia you should sort out what black people are doing to black people on your mother continent of Africa.  Because, what is happening there is in the horrid dirty here and now, and not the nicely tidied up past you inhabit. Please go check it out.

If you look for slavery to attack then looking in Africa today might be a good start. Here girl children are stolen from school by black men and raped or sold for profit (and rape). Good grief Azealia ,instead of worrying about injustices a century and a half old will you stand against slave auctions in Africa today? If you want to attack slavery – will you condemn the religion that says this is acceptable? At least Christianity has moved away from the biblical teaching that once gave a cover for slavery.

It is a terrible and sad truth that slavery is still rife and happening today. That women are bought and sold by black men in Africa today as if the 21st Century does not exist all in the name of some Religion Of Peace or in the more honest name of War.

Will you come out and condemn this present slavery? Would you work for its eradication today? Will you lead that charge? Would you devote your name and time to this cause? Or is your condemnation only for the white descendants of slave owners dead now for over a century? Is your vision that limited?

Because there are no descendants for these monsters in Africa today. These monsters live right here and now. If any need your ire and attack surely Azealia it is these slave-masters?

I am sure there are those who in exasperation would tear out their Azealia inspired hair extensions at your non-sense. Azealia please wake you up to your La-La induced hypocrisy. I am not a descendant of white slave owners, but I am a descendant of gaelic speaking Highlanders cleared from ancestral homelands to make way for sheep. It was ethnic cleansing certainly, and it still leaves much anger with many descendents, but I would not suggest for a moment that a modern day descendant of some Duke of Sutherland owes me money for it. It would be a nonsense, legally, morally and practically.

Better Azealia that we all, black, white Christian, Islamic, Jewish, whatever, learn from these horrors and instead of raking over our own pasts use the lessons to make certain this evil does not rise again anywhere in the world. Or is your vision not that wide Azealia?

As my friend Maria T so aptly put it there are none so blind than those who refuse to see from the top window of their Ivory Towers… especially if that tower leans tottering tom the left.

Copyright David Macadam (with H/T to Marie Tierney) 2014