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Fidel Odinga is dead. He had been out drinking and eating last night with friends, who seem to have included a number of “politically committed” individuals. At some point in the evening Fidel said he had a stomach ache, and complained of shortness of breath and went home. He was found by his wife this morning dead in the spare bedroom of his home.

Fidel Odinga was the eldest son of Raila Odinga who was a former Prime Minister of Kenya and more importantly for this blog, a first cousin of President Barak Obama. You either can’t keep a good family down, or oligarchy knows no political boundaries. Me I’ll go with the latter.

Fidel was not a member of parliament, but he seems to have been being groomed to step up to take his rightful anointed place in Kenya’s Parliament shortly. Indeed he caused quite some consternation by arriving at Parliament for the tour and a meet-and-greet only two months ago. His designation was always both business-man and politician.

So then this Fidel, was the son of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, and the grandson of onetime Vice President J Oginga Odinga, (who was educated in East Germany when this was a communist country).  On that ground alone it must be “Definitely Suspicious” eh? More especially so when two of Raila’s children have names like Fidel and Winny after Fidel Castro, and Winny Mandela. As a family they are categorised as popularist politicians, but we should note that first, foremost, and last, they are oligarchs. The keeping of their family in power is what is paramount.

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s uncle on his mother’s side was Barak Obama’s father. This is the cousinship link that should interest Americans. For Obama, Kenya is personal.

It has been mentioned that Raila Odinga has a bad name in anti Islamic circles, as someone who is prepared to take Kenya over to become an Islamic society. I suspect it’s more a case of anything and anyone as long as he is head honcho.

But even then, are there connections between Obama and Odinga beyond simple family? We all have family scattered about, did they talk to each other, send the Christmas cards, Skype at birthdays? We may never know, but there was all that fuss back in 2012 about donations, and especially donations from someone prepared to work with Islamic insurgents. There were those who thought the 2012 thing was to draw attention, once again, to Obama’s Kenyan roots and to further denigrate him as a muslim, an Islamist, a communist and a foreigner thereby delivering a blow at the elections.

obama-and-odinga                             Ah, yes looks like Obama and Odinga did meet….

Oh, and simply as a by the by, Fidel’s cousin, friend and confidante, Andrew Ojwang was found dead in equally mysterious and murky circumstances on Saturday morning.

I suspect this will only get more interesting.

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