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B6v_NDuCMAAhoMZThis cartoon might simply have passed me by, were it not for todays attack on Western Liberal Free speech.  It’s from this week’s print edition of “Charlie Hebdo” the French satirical magazine.

The cartoon is by “Charb”.  Charb died today shot dead along with his fellow contributers in their office.

It light of today’s appaling events it is horribly precient.  The caption reads “No one has yet been attacked in France” and below this the terrorist says “But I have until the end of January to give you my good will”.  I apologise for my idiosyncratic French!  In France one can say Happy New Year to people until the end of January.

Today has been dreadful but it does show how utterly, totally, terrified radical militant Islam is of free speech – and especially of cartoonists.  We should take some hope from that.

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