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Stop laughing at us or we will kill you!

If you are told by the authorities this has nothing to do with Islam don’t believe them. If you are told by the Imams that this has nothing to do with Islam don’t believe them either.

However which way you wish to look at it, the authorised texts of Islam, regardless of interpretation, offer literal justification to those who wish to commit violence in the name of the faith; and religious extremism, by far mostly Islamist, has been, since 2001, the main cause of terrorism across the world.

This is not simply in liberal westernised Europe or the USA. We see this in Africa, Asia, everywhere. In Nigeria this week alone 2000 civilians were killed by Boko Haram a fundamentalist Islamic movement who use children as their suicide bombers.
I have popped some images of destruction of Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish and Christian holy sites by this version of Islam. Some you might know of, some may surprise you. This version of Islam wants hegemony over everyone, not simply the West.

ISIS_mosques-blown-up tomb of jonahThe mosque of the tomb of Jonah (he of the whale) destroyed by ISIS in 2014.  Sacred to Islam, Christianity and Jew.

Taller_Buddha_of_Bamiyan_before_and_after_destructionThe Buddas of Bamiyan before and after they met the Taliban

destruction of muslim site in MosulA Muslim site in Mosel destroyed by ISIS in 2014

Hatra pre-christian at riskHatra, a pre-Christian World Heritage site at risk from ISIS

Please can we just stop pussyfooting about with slippery definitions, and hopeful blindness. It IS Islam and there is no escaping this. It is a new variant though, every bit as valid as Sunni or Shia. It is Fascist Islam (Boko Haram, ISIS, Taliban whatever) and it is vigorous, spreading, and seeping across the globe. It is just as dangerous to mainstream Islam as it is anything else, but sadly it seems mainstream Muslims cannot yet see the threat.

But what to do? (Without that is envisaging a modern kristallnacht, building concentration camps or enforcing mass forced expulsions all as envisaged by the equally demented far right). For we must also resist those on our own far right whose agenda to increase a Police State is another issue threatening the liberal west.

Certainly we must hope we do not do another post 9/11 in our reaction to Charlie Hebdo, but there are some straight forward sensible measures that can be implemented.

Cease, and cease immediately, granting any religion the right to take offence at those who choose to tease or mock its adherents, or even decry it outright. Make this explicit. Blasphemy in any context is a non sense. Literal nonsense such as virgin births, self combusting shrubbery, Invisible friends, parting seas, 70 virgins as rewards for dying in a blaze of stupidity, do not deserve official state protection, they deserve to be shunned from civic discourse, laughed out and chased away as the failed ghosts of an unenlightened past, of being fairy tales having no place whatsoever in any modern societies. If you wish to believe in the tooth fairy or Ahura Mazda, or the frost giant Mother Helmfrost then fine, but don’t look to the state to give recognition to your personal delusions. And no one religion should be afforded a monopoly over any other hysteria of being so sensitive to rudeness and challenge they get greater rights than others.

There must be a sea change in challenging these views and a fear of not challenging these because they might in some way be considered “racist”. We must challenge and face down these purveyors of hate at every opportunity.

Cease immediately the insanity of providing state support of separate education for those who have religious views. Public money has no place in reinforcing religious indoctrination no matter how many votes politicians think they can get out of it. And yes that should mean Catholic schools or Anglican schools too. State money has no place bolstering religious manias. We might not, in a free liberal society, be able to legally ban a religious school, but we sure as hell can insist they fund themselves. We might also remove Charity status (and funding) from them as well. We may also insist that they do not act in any ways against the spirit of the society they are in by segregating classes, denigrating female emancipation etc.

Education is the way forward here. Drive out the nonsense and let the disinfectant of logic gain hold and we will make positive strides in eradicating this evil. Education is the key which is why so much of Fascist Islam (Boko Haram, Taliban et al) seek to close schools and shoot girls in the head for wanting to learn to think for themselves.

In the aftermath of Charlie Hebdo we need to see this as clearly we can. We must not self censor ourselves into creating a non-elected non-legal blasphemy law for Islam. We must not accept fatwas that put authors into hiding for years, or allow them to be murdered in the street.

In academia and the arts we must not be so bloody nervous and cowardly about any debate regarding Islam, its history and its myths. Go on, get a museum, any museum, to run an exhibition on the history of Islam, or better yet, the artistic depictions of Muhammad through the ages. Watch the cowards run.

You see, this branch of Islam is not just a threat to our lovely decadent West but to Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and frankly everyone else they come across. So please stop bleating. We have worked marvels in the last two or three centuries in expanding the franchise, abolishing slavery, educating every child, throwing open the Universities to all with the talent to gain from it, giving women their rightful place in society and accepting homosexulity as normal.  Do we wish these gains eroded?

And we must cease having any truck whatsoever with the current daft flirtation with allowing “communities” to use Sharia law. Sharia Law is the root and source for Fascist Islam who use it as a text for a world-wide political-religious system. This dark injustice just undermines the rights of women, children, homosexuals and anyone else who does not chose voluntarily to submit to Islam. Yet fools in legal circles push this as a non-judicial resolution to problems like divorce and settlements or wills They do this because it is cheap and panders to the sillier end of liberal thinking that it is a ”community based” solution and thus somehow more acceptable than the laws of the land enacted by Parliament. They do not realise, or maybe do not care, that Sharia treats women woefully and their rights are at risk if they are persuaded to use Sharia.

???????????????“Yes, O merciful one, One previous conviction” Originally published in The Journal of the Law Society of Scotland.

We could usefully add homophobia, animal abuse, child abuse, child mutilation, slavery and trafficking to the list of why Sharia is anathema to the modern liberal West . This branch of Islam denies women and children their rights in law, or education.

Sadly bloody fool hashtag resistance is just another nonsense. That’s just pandering to your own liberal narischkeit. Today is perhaps not the day to say it (but I will), a march here or there will change nothing. Absolutely Nothing. If you want this stopped it needs a more hands on approach than an updated Facebook status or a pin to stick in a lapel this week.

Of course we haven’t exactly made it easy for ourselves where our own governments have invaded, droned and imprisoned innocent people. Drone strikes against children out gathering firewood is an abomination. Part of what we must do is show that what is done in OUR name is honest open fair and good and no sly hole in the wall expediency for interests that suit our political class or their foreign friends rather than the people. And where our politicians have grievously breached the rules of war, or tortured and imprisoned without trial, or allowed such imprisonment to continue unresolved they must be tried in open court. If we did this then we might shoot one or two of Fascist Islam’s foxes.

We must insist that our governments challenge the human rights infringements of those countries such as Saudi Arabia who this week whipped those who mocked Mohammed. We must look very closely at Qatar and its news agency Al Jazeera and make certain they are held openly accountable for their views and practices. In Al Jazeera’s case, their leaning on their journalists this week to push a most “Islamic” message.

Only then do we have a hope of winning.

Copyright David Macadam 2015.