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trump-profilethats them bottom right

Well perhaps not exactly Nazi’ for Trump but the bold boy managed to include a line of nazi troopers right next to his picture and the American (Amerika?) flag in his campaign literature.

nazisoh look there they are again!

Woops!  Now I will bet that jolly old Trumpers isnt actually a card carrying Nazi of the old school, but its a sign of the woefull skills of the slovenly numpties he is employing in his campaign team.  My bet is they wanted to include a line of second world war soldiers (the Golden Generation) to beef it all up and could not tell the difference between the Wermacht and the allies.  Cue towsled hair and a bellowed “Your FIRED!”

You will not see the page now as they cut it out as quick as you like once it was spotted, but not before we can give it an all American Internet afterlife!

Many thanks to Deryck F in Australia for pointing my nose in the right direction on this one.

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