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saudi arabi tentsThe Pope is telling Catholics to take in a refugee, (But please remember before you offer – A Syrian is for life not just for Christmas) and the whole western world is seemingly hell bent on jumping onto the bandwagon that is adopting a Syrian. Even Obama is joining in saying that the USA will take in another 10,000.

So what are the richest of Syria’s co-religionists offering? Do we hear anything from Qatar? The UAE anyone? Oman perhaps? Is Kuwait remembering how they were saved by the West? No? That’s right nothing, absolutely bloody nothing. None of these very wealthy, conspicuously Islamic states have taken in one single solitary refugee.

Well that is not quite the whole truth, Priggish Saudi Arabia is offering Germany the gift of 200 Mosques. And no it’s not some spoof from The Onion or Private Eye. And giving away mosques is nowhere near an equivalent to taking in real suffering people.

suadi tents
It’s all the more galling when you look at the above. This is only part of several millions of ready built tents complete with heating and air-conditioning that are already built, up and running and waiting to take almost all of the Syrian refugee. They are even fireproofed! So what are they doing stuck out in the desert? They exist in the town of Mina for the use of pilgrims. There is water, sanitation, cooking blocks all sitting doing damn all at the moment.

Could they not be used pro tem for housing at least some? The answer sadly is not a hope and that is because Saudi Arabia will not give succour to Islamic refugees when they are the wrong kind of Islamic refugees. You see they might be terrorists.
Islam the religion of compassion? Probably not if you are thinking of Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Kuwait or Qatar.

Their silence is scandalous. Call them out on this.

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