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Despite the new “smart boy” glasses, the deeper than before tan, the hipster tight jeans and my own suspicion of hair plugs, “Ricky the thicky” has finally got the message. This is after all a man once scorned by of all people GW Bush as being “ as dumb as a mud wall”.

He had told us only a few months ago he had learned lessons. Aye right.
This year has thrown up a particular busy starting field of Republican candidates and frankly Ricky just let himself get lost in a 17 candidate race.

He never managed to collect the support to get him on those all important slots and premier debates. And there was bugger all money in the war chest. Only $1,000,000 in the first quarter of the run when the big boys SuperPacs are coining it in was hopeless . This gave Ricky huge difficulties paying the filing fees in the early states, along with travel costs and operational HQ’s. He’s been bust ever since he stopped paying people earlier this summer.

And perhaps decisively souring away in the background was an indictment that just simply would not go away. Add in that TV gaff from last time round where he could not recall the third agency he was going to cut. Like a fart in a spacesuit it just never left his side. And as soon as there was the first hint of problems his advisors and financial backers were all being poached by his rivals, even whilst they were delivering the measured platitudes following his political death . Put differently Perry’s leaving will hardly be noticed by anyone except the sharks looking to divide out the money.

Let’s be brutally honest. After this week most people would be hard placed to remember him.

Still for those of us enjoying idiots in a rush there is still ol’ Donald.

So whose next? Anyone saying Jim Gilmore or George Pataki?

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