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291487301                               “What now? And they’re wanting their tea?”

This is a very local item for The Oligarch Kings. However it does serve to point up the complete disconnect between our miserable political classes throughout the West and their complete misreading of their public. Especially when that reading has to do with immigration, race and religion.

Way back in early September as the world – or more particularly Europe – was overwhelmed emotionally by the perceived plight of large numbers of migrant males all claiming to be Syrians surging through the Balkans, Nicola Sturgeon First Minister of the devolved Parliament of Scotland a part of the UK, stood before the World’s press (well the English newspapers Guardian and Telegraph as well as The Scotsman) to tell us all she would be “absolutely happy to take in refugees”. The context, and close questioning afterwards, made certain we were clear it was to be “into her house” and not just parked in some obscure bed and breakfast on the outskirts of a large city.

Well Nikki lass they are here!

Ian Millar the Council Leader of Perth and Kinross confirmed that the first families will be coming into his local authority this week with many more by Christmas.

So Nicola where are yours? Surely you would not miss a press plug of taking the first of the refugees yourself? Why the lack of any press plug? Are we to be denied the chance of photos of oor ain wee Nickers sitting at the breakfast table introducing some benighted Syrian to the joys of salty porridge or eggy soldiers?

Not a complete silence surely?

I mean it wasn’t that she and all those other bleating politicos were saying what they said with no intention of doing so? No thought whatsoever of following through with promises? Because that would be dishonest and just exploiting the plight of the refugees for her own ends.

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