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The most interesting snippit of Oligarchical news this week was that young Justin Trudeau had been elected Prime Minister of Canada.

Now this blog principally concerns itself with the oligarchical politics of the United States, but allows the occasional afternoon off to look at other democracies where the interests of the population are being placed at risk by an oligarchical elite whose primary duty is to their own interests.

The risks inherent with Oligarchy need to be noted wherever they occur. Even in seemingly unlikely soil like Canada, oligarch shall speak to oligarch.

It can be fascinating to see that these oligarchy’s recognise and support each other.

The photograph at the top of the post is of a meeting way back in April 1972 when President Nixon met with Justin’s father Pierre Trudeau. Justin was just four months old and had been brought along for the trip. It helped Margaret and Pierre appear modern, acceptably hippie, with-it and so on.

Anyway Nixon, never one to pass up an opportunity, decided to give a toast at the Gala Buffett laid on. “Tonight” said Nixon “ we’ll dispense with the formalities. I’d like to toast the future Prime Minister of Canada: to Justin Trudeau!”

And indeed with Justin’s elevation to Prime Minister the Trudeau family are now firmly entrenched as part of modern Canada’s oligarchy.

Justin’s father Pierre Trudeau was Prime Minister of Canada for sixteen years and called by some “the father of modern Canada”. Justin’s grandfather through his mother Margaret Sinclair’s line, was James Sinclair a member of the Canadian Parliament who is remembered these days largely because a shopping mall in Vancouver is named after him.

There is also Deborah Coyne a young woman that Pierre Trudeau had an affair with and who bore him a child. She stood as an unsuccessful Federal Liberal Candidate back in 2006.

Normally the Oligarchy is not quite as obvious as Nixon but we should always be interested in these interconnections.

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