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Biden was ever running for President? Really? If so his must rank as the most under the radar campaign in recent history. But it WAS a campaign.

Iowa, New Hampshire, North Carolina had all had a visit from Joe in the last few months and that is more than they have from Hillary or Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders or Martin O’Mally.

Now let’s be honest, no politician accidentally visits these three states in a time of Presidential Campaigning. They are all big ticket early indicator states that need to be closed to your cause. So it proves the intent was there all the time, it was just the total lack of traction that stopped him.

He dithered about, taking far too long to get his finances up and running so that by the time he had got his coat on the other runners were far away over the hill. His previous two experiences of running for President do not seem to have taught him much. The official stance is that the death of his son meant that he had struggled with his emotions, and by the time he and his family felt he could take a Presidential run the opportunity had passed. This whole grief over his dead son thing is a fig leaf. A Biden run was only ever possible if Hillary fell. But a tour de force performance at the first televised Democratic debates followed by powering through the Bengazi questioning placed Hillary beyond his reach. Baring anything really interesting Hillary is on course for nomination, and Biden aint anything interesting.

He really was useless, truly useless. He used to be rude about Obama, his boss and then wonder why “he was given every shit job in the world” Duh?

Always a pugilist and loudmouth – a true working class rust belt Catholic bare fist fighter, many wondered why he had ever gained the VP and “real” responsibility. Biden was simply Obama’s bit of rough to stand there as a lightning rod deflecting attention by his blips and blunders.

He allowed himself to be parked for eight years in an insignificant office worth only “a pitcher of warm piss” (Garner) or as Adams said “the most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived or his imagination conceived,.” Being Vice President for so long did absolutely nothing to advance his political career.

So why did he think the people would chose this washed up old fart as President?

I mean what exactly does a Vice President actually do?. Well he is the ceremonial President of the Senate, he breaks the deadlock by casting a vote if the Senate is locked and  he graciously accepts the voting of the Electoral College. Heavy workload? Nope, so the job is pretty piss easy then. So where does any of this rubbish qualify Joe to be President?

I mean whoever in the entire history of the US (or any country)ever woke up saying “my ambition is to be Vice President of the nation”. An ambition of being a number two is nothing to write home about.

OK in the great scheme of things he is no way near as bad (or wonderful) as J Danforth Quale, a gift of a Vice President who told us “The future will be better tomorrow”.  And who could forget “If we do everything right, if we do it with absolute certainty, there’s still a 30 per cent chance we’re going to get it wrong,”

It used to be that some people might have taken Joe seriously and backed his candidature but Trump just blew that away.

And, in a week where the Republicans failed to lay a glove on Hillary over Bengasi, Joe taking the hump and de-camping finally clears the way for Hillary as the anointed candidate.

Copyright David Macadam 2015