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Wee the people!

Years ago, in the 1880’s a British public (that’s private) school’s urinals were produced with a small bee set in the glaze, placed on them as a target so the little boys might not pish on the floor. Why a bee you ask? Well bee in Latin is Apis. Ho ho.

So it is surprising for a country so taken with toilet humour the possibilities of political potty humour has passed them by.

Sadly the meme above which is trotting round the web is not original. The urinals themselves though are. They come from the Stones Museum in Germany, a café in Paris and several other places but the addition of Trump is pure inspired Photoshop.

But one can find other examples which are all too real.

most unusual urinal 1445

This is George Bush, as a urinal, from an exhibition “Down the Drain – The legacy of George W Bush” by Clark Sorensen which took pride of place at Ruby’s Clay Studio and Gallery in San Francisco a few years ago. A whole new take on “potty mouth”. I trust he was flushed with success.

But if you can’t afford your own personalised clugie, then America the home of qualitative easing, can offer a wide range of urinal targets all with a political theme. This seems to be an almost entirely American phenomenom.


Urinal-22232601016 hanoi jane sodahead


hillary-urinal target


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