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There has been a lot of heated discussion on the Internet, especially in LinkedIn in the last few days, over the fatwa that has been quoted which allows for Muslims (and in this context we should read that as Isis supporting fundamentalist jihadist Muslims) to use captured non Muslims as unwilling donors of their organs, such as kidneys or corneas.

This fatwa was actually initially issued way back in February, but the story seems only to have gained traction in the last week or so.  At no point however do any of these excitable posts give any actual verifiable clue that this vile practice is actually being conducted by Isis. And it is important that we do make these distinctions between the nightmare wishes of these barbarians and their actual abilities. After all they also make claims they will fly the flag of Islam off the White House and bump off the Pope. Both rather fanciful I suspect. We must not allow ourselves to be duped into believing what we might like to, rather than facing up to the actual truth.

So far no bodies have yet been found that show that organs have been harvested, and no one can find someone to stand as a witness that these practises are ongoing. And we should remember that if you wish to harvest such organs in a manner that will leave them useful for transplantation you are going to need a skilled team of nurses and surgeons as well as a modern Western Hospital with full ancillary back-up. Back up that will keep the organs alive until transfer, even if the donor is to be left to die. Such hospital facilities, medical skills and transplant teams are not an obvious feature in the towns occupied by Isis.

Rather than letting our imaginations run away with us we might better deal with Fatwas which both actually exist and are being implemented right now. Fatwas such as those that state Muslims (and in this context we should read that as Isis supporting fundamentalist jihadist Muslims) may take, enslave, sell, mutilate, rape, and violate any non-Muslim woman or child that has the misfortune to cross their path.

Let’s start by taking our indignation out on this. Well we could start by asking such Muslim authorities as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, UAE etc if they support this fatwa or condemn it, and if they would condemn those who use the fatwa as an excuse for slavery and rape. Ask them too if they disown them as being true Muslims.


Which brings an interesting question. We have people condemning the organ transplant trade that cannot be substantiated, but not one feminist that I am aware of condemns ISIS or orthodox mainstream Islam for its violent misogyny.


Any ideas why this blinded cowardice?

Copywrite David Macadam 2015