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George Pataki, former Mayor of New York, has had enough and handed in his dinner plate retiring from the Republican race for the White House. Life had become a little too crowded for Pataki. He had never made it onto the TV Election platforms with the big boys, always finding himself being relegated to the children’s table at the side.

The smell of decay has long hung around this campaign and we and he can surely only be grateful that his marathon is now run.

He was only ever a third level candidate, an undercard candidate at best and he got sweet damn all in the polls.

Mind you shouting at the voters did not help much either. The very qualities which managed to get a Republican elected in a staunchly Democrat city like New York were never going to play well with the main body of the party. So being a supporter of abortion and banging on about CO2 was a dead loss. Taking a swipe at Trump was a loser too.
But never mind, onwards and upwards -so who’s next?

Will wig wearer of the year Huckabee unravel next? He was really always a bit of an afterthought. If he doesn’t go soon I reckon he will after Feb 1st. So 31 days to go then!

But then there is my personal favourite, jolly Ben Carson. Last week he was threatening to leave the GOP and stand as an Independent. I meant to write a post about that but I couldn’t see the keyboard for tears!
Let’s remind ourselves who is left. We are now down to twelve.

Jim Gilmore. A former Governor of Virginia from 1992 to 2002. Umm sorry nope.

John Kasich. A Governor of Ohio. A low middle candidate.

Chris Christie. Governor of New Jersey. A solid (very solid) technocrat candidate. Not making much headway.  Low possibility.

Donald Trump. Much derided, utterly hated, hugely popular, a possible – I mean seriously possible – nomination. The ruder he gets, the less PC he gets, the stronger he becomes. If he can get his vote out (and I know that is a big ask) at the Primaries the rest of the field is in deep trouble.

Jeb Bush. The Oligarchs’ choice. Seen as Wall Street’s white knight candidate riding in to save the party (and their money). By any measures he has been a huge disappointment. In the Country Clubs of New England I understand they talk of little else. He desperately needs to start looking like a candidate. Anytime now would be good.

Ricky Santorum. A former Pennsylvania Senator. Tired. Flat.  No longer funny or interesting. Not a chance. (Again).

Mike Huckabee. A former Governor of Arkansas. Very, very Christian. Shame they all went over to Carson.

Ben Carson. Not since the days of Dwight D Eisenhower has the GOP nominated someone with no house experience and Eisenhower was a world renowned general. Carson is a candidate from the evangelical right who is getting squeezed and is starting to resort to silly utterances about the pyramids having been biblical granaries, or how ISIS are like the Founding Fathers. This is great fun -especially when looking in from the outside- but he is ensuring that he cannot be considered a credible candidate anymore. To add to his woes he managed to lose two of his top aides over the New Year.  Mad.  I give him to the end of February.  Tops.

Carley Fiorina. No, sorry not this time.

Marco Rubio. Hmm, now he is the “good-looking-Hispanic candidate” from Cuba and a former Speaker of the Florida house. Playing well at the moment.  Rubio should hold his position through the first set of Primaries. One to watch. A definite maybe.

Rand Paul. The outsiders candidate. His main support is from independents, Libertarians and other political outsiders and non-voters. His problem will be just that – getting them to turn out and vote. Paul has only a little chance and should be emptied during the first round of Primaries.

Ted Cruz. He is well funded. He will have picked up votes as the field starts to close around him. Cruz has the eternal hopes of the inconsolable dreamer that it will end up as him against Rubio.

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