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Tonight there is only one hope for the old establishment of the Grand Old Party, but only if they have the courage to go through with it. If they don’t then the onward rush of Trump may become all but irresistible after next week and Super Tuesday. It will sweep them all away.

Personally I don’t think they have the bottle.

For the republican establishment the numbers are starting to stack in, well towards a clear Trump win. If they don’t act now, then there may not even be a Republican Party. Or anyway the same Republican Party they remember.

They must sacrifice their excess candidates and they must do it this week. They should have done it much earlier but hey many of us underestimated the old bombast Trump.
At the moment Trump is playing each of his opposition off against the next an absolute treat. For someone who has no previous experience he is playing this one like a breast-fed child. He has no credible opposition in the Republican field. If you are going to divert him, it must be thinned out. For the old time Republican Establishment Trump cannot be allowed to kill off candidates individually by attrition.

The Establishment, the 1%, the Suits are going to have to cull their children. If they hope to beat Trump they will need to reduce the field and reduce it now. Today or later this week latest. March, just next week, will simply be too late.

For the Suits it’s basically going to have to be Marco Rubio that sweaty, slack jawed muppet spokes-piece for the establishment who has yet to win anything, and who gets chewed up by Trump at every encounter or Ted Cruz the anti-establishment loose cannon who won one. Oh woopy-do. Except. Oh boy, do the old boys dislike Cruz. Cruz simply will not listen to them or anyone else. Some even may be beginning to think the unthinkable – might Trump for all the bluster might be a negotiator? Could he be someone they could um have a conversation with? The others are just too obviously no hopers and must go.

Carson, Kasich take your bows now. Please, please go spare us further embarrassment.

But will these no hopers play along? Will they go quietly? Cruz was quite happy to damage the whole political system last time he was crossed, and he may just feel he needs to hang onto the parade reaches his home state of Texas. Trouble is it may be a bit ragged by then. He will also be as near to skint as he could get whilst Trump will still have money. Some of that money may even come (whisper it) from the donors to the establishment of the Republicans.

Rubio and Cruz are both a bit shop soiled already. Maybe the party might bury the knives?
I’m running this post as a sort of Machiavellian exercise, asking for the Republicans to regain control of their candidates but suppose just suppose after tonight the suits decide Rubio and Cruz are both losers and instead decide they are going to hold their noses and embrace “The Donald”? Do they think, like the aristocracy of Germany thought way back in the early thirties they could manage Hitler, that they can manage Trump?

If so they are in for a disappointment.

Copyright David Macadam 2016