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christine lagarde

“But aren’t taxes only for the little people”

In what might appear to the more cynically minded as a coordinated move from Team Fear, desperate that the British do not untangle themselves from the beast of Europe, we see today Christine Lagarde, the head of the International Monetary Fund following the Bank of England in claiming all sorts of terrors will befall the isle should Britain chose to wander off.  Things would be “pretty bad to very, very bad” if we did.  I wait for the Archbishop of Canterbury claiming plagues of frogs next.

Ah, yes this would sound better if Ms Lagarde was not facing charges for fraud.

And, we might just be tempted to take Ms Lagarde’s warning to heart a bit more if she actually paid some tax.  Ms Lagarde who is happy to tell the rest of us poor bloody infantry to stand steady in the trenches, earns $467,941 a year – roughly £300,000 (increasing each year in line with inflation), PLUS an additional $83,760 “allowance”.  And not one penny piece is taxed.

When the likes of Ms Lagarde come down and live with the rest of us poor mortals we will be more likely to listen a bit harder.

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