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saint bob

Today we saw the odious spectacle of two revolting semi public figures cluttering up the media and the Thames whilst on a silly summer’s  “Mucking about in boats” jolly.

On the one hand we have the ever artful Nigel Farage from the Leave campaign taking a small flotilla of British fishermen (and any number of camera crews)  up the Thames to demand their rights to fish the ancestral waters of the North sea as they have done since time immoral until the coming of the dread colossus of the European Union.

On the other in the sleek expensive motor launch was an endlessly self promoting, self satisfied, smug, burned out musician, who has been living on “I don’t like Mondays ” and “Band Aid ” for the last thirty years urging us all to stay in the damned thing.

Britain at it rather silliest.

Only we might be prompted to ask the multi-millionaire and chat show darling, sainted Bob Geldof about his last public utterances designed to set our souls ablaze with righteous indignation.  Bob, who has a large number of properties, had very publically stated last year that he would put up not one, not two but three families of Syrians refugees in his own homes.  How’s that going Bob?

Nope didn’t think so.  Just two rather spoilt publicity hungry hypocrites getting in everyone elses way.  Today’s Britain.

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