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Picture:  Yanko Tsvetkov at his Atlas of Predjudice.

Today, with what might appear almost spitefully pointed timing, Switzerland has withdrawn its longstanding application to join the European Union.

Thomas Mindler, councillor for the state of Schaffhausen and an arch activist for all things “Swiss” said he “wished to close the topic fast and painlessly as only a few lunatics may want to join the EU now“.

Well, thats them told and how!  Mind you it takes a swiss to spot a dirty clique when he sees one, and no one wants to join dirty cliques at the moment except perhaps Turkey which would only see membership as a good fit.

So, why do you think they chose now, after all these years?  Joining up to the EU has been bumping about for yonks.   Could it be the idea of unrestricted movement of EU citizens into their pristine alpine paradise?  And what kind of EU citizen do you think they had in mind?  Well, below is a poster that might help you decide.   Angela darling, you have a great deal to answer to.


Six days out from the British Referrendum and eight from elections in Spain this is hardly what Brussels will want to hear.

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