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Corbyn second from left, with McGuinnes left, and Adams far right.

There has been an outpouring of sympathy for the family of murdered MP Jo Cox, who was stabbed and shot last Thursday.  This is to be expected, indeed it is a sign of a caring compassionate society.  However some of those opining the most have some gall doing so.  Maybe the loathsome little reptiles think we have no memories.


Take (please) the Honorable Jeremy Corbyn leader of the Labour party who puffed himself up no end the other day to came out with the following.

Those” he said drawing himself up like a pompous garden gnome “who would use violence for political gain have no place in Britain“.

corbyn and adams

Indeed not.  But when it came to the deaths of Rev Robert Bradford MP, or Airey Neave MP, or Ian Gow MP all murdered by the IRA during their thirty year war to gain power in Ireland – where were you then Jeremy?

Of yes, now I remember, cosing up goodo with the likes of Adams and McGuiness.

Complete.  Bloody.  Hypocrite.

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