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“Bugger off the lot of you”

It’s not been a good week for Hillary, and she had been weathering the constant drip feed of stories about her health reasonably well up until Sunday, relegating them to the fetid pools of Republican propaganda or that great sink of general conspiracy nutters section of the Web.

If you were feeling unwell in say Two Tits, Montana, or Dry Boak, New Mexico, it would be likely that few would be there to see it, and the matter could easily be brushed under the carpet.  But if you have to keel over at a major ceremonial event then doing it at the 9/11 memorial commemoration in New York City in front of the worlds press is probably not the best!

Because if there wasn’t a crisis regarding Hills’s heath before, there sure as heck is now.

What a gift to the Republicans and so easily avoided. So, let me see if I have this straight

All through the campaign she has been showing signs of not being fully up to snuff health-wise.  She has had a bad cough, which is fair enough as she is meeting so many people and traveling all over it’s a certainty she will catch something.  Coughing away like my cat bringing up fur balls, and then hawking up that great dod of phlegm into her water glass on camera was rather disgusting – but hey we have all had gold watch at sometime haven’t we?  At least she didn’t spit it out onto the sidewalk.

She has fallen over a couple of times, well so did Gerald Ford. And she twitches.

People have commented on her strange choice of clothing with her wearing coats and her suits bulging out of place.  Suggestions are made these are caused by her de-fribulator or some type of back brace or even her colostomy bag sticking out.  My bet, for what it’s worth, is that she was wearing some form of body armour.  Having worn this in previous jobs myself, I can tell you they are no fashion statement even when tailored, are hot, bloody uncomfortable and stick out in all sorts of awkward ways.

Hillary always had an odd choice of clothing, and if we are brutally honest she has never been the epitome of sartorial elegance.  She alternates between clapped out old hippy and bag lady.  I know that she has Armani jackets that come in at $12,495 a pop, but Hillary can still make them look like she picked them up at the charity store.  Jacqui O she will never be.  And at this stage in her life no one is ever going to change that.

She has difficulty walking distances.  I think people can forget that one major requirement of the candidate is a constitution of an athlete.  Now dear Hills was never the jolly hockey stick school girl nor the University team sport fan.  Nor, I think, could anyone have called her a gym bunny.  Now at 68 and slightly overweight, her lack of tone is catching up with her.

As to this weekend the story becomes even more unclear.

First.  We are told Hillary is diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday but no public statement is made.  Pneumonia is a serious disease and usually floors most people.  The cure being bed rest and antibiotics.

Second.  She either decided she was well enough to attend this important event on Sunday or forced herself to go as it would draw too much attention if she wasn’t there.  (Well that worked out just fine then eh?)

Third, when there she faints, or gets dehydrated or overheated, or whatever, and has to leave.  We see a staffer holding her hand and looking like she is reading Hillary’s pulse.  Squeeze my fingers. Let me check for nerve damage.


Other people at the event felt it wasn’t overly warm or oppressive.

All of which maybe or maybe not related to pneumonia.

Fifth she has the misfortune to be frogmarched out by her attendants and propped against a bollard like a sack of potatoes whist the staff bring the car round.  Even though they do their best to surround her so prying cameras do not get a view of her, we can see she barely maintains upright posture and then ignominiously collapses into her car losing her shoe in the process.  It really does not look good.

Sixth, interestingly they do not go to a clinic, instead she goes to her daughter’s apartment.  Remember they already know she has pneumonia.   Would someone with pneumonia go to someone else’s apartment?  Especially if there are children there?

Seven.  Then she emerges after an hour or so all perky and bright eyed even with the pneumonia.  When my mother had it she could barely stagger off to the bathroom.  But here we are to believe a quick dose of antibiotics and a Gatorade she back singing arias and off out hugging children?   Maybe Sinamet is a great shot.  Perhaps she was injected with a mix of captagon and synthetic opioids known on the street as a DC standup.  Now that surely would raise the dead.

But did you look at the footage carefully?

Odd though how empty the space around her was?  No Secret Service, and no stooges.  Compare that to how closely she has been followed of late by staffers all within easy catching distance and yet here barely an hour and a half after the “episode” she stands all alone on the sidewalk.  They must have been very confident she wasn’t going to keel over again.  Mind you the press weren’t able to ask that many questions.  Interesting too that the cameras were kept so far away they could not get a decent close-up of her?  And where did that little girl come from?


Where is everyone?  And are you sure it’s Hillary?  Because it looks like Pneumonia helps one lose weight.

Here is the conspiracy theory bit.  Was it actually Hillary?  she have a double?

And then it’s off back to bed and we haven’t seen her since.  Although I understand that she is sitting up and taking Gin.  Billy boy has taking over stump duties.

None of this makes sense.  Which is why if she does not come clean with her medical history fairly sharply – and I would suggest this week would be best – this is going to haunt her through to November.

The debate later this month is a definite must watch!

Copyright David Macadam 2016