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Now, I have noted this trend in the past, that of Republican candidates and past Republican Presidents becoming enshrined as lavatories, or as targets in pissoirs.  Those who have followed The Oligarch Kings over time might remember the lavatory entirely shaped like Peeing Tribute toGeorge Bush, or the French lavatory with Trump’s face wrapped around the urinal.

Now I have come across not one, not two, but three further examples.  Interestingly these are all outside of the United States.


The one featured top is from “The Raglan Road Irish Bar” in Nottingham England.

The next shown is from another Irish themed bar “The Adelphi Bar” in Middle Abbey Street in Dublin, Republic of Ireland

And finally this triptych from “The Three Stags”, in London features the Donald himself with Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio


Now I can understand that the proprietor may be wishing to give his or her patrons the opportunity to aim at something rather than just leaving them to pish all over the floor as so many pubs seem to, but the question remains, why are they so overwhelmingly Republican?  Why the increasing trend of the “Lavatory Liberal”?

Is it a reflection of the general low standing that politicians in the West (and American politicians in particular) enjoy at the moment?  Could it be a sign of the growing feelings of economic impotence in the face of ever more agressive American capitalist globalisation or just that people have always felt like urinating on their masters?

And why do they appear in foreign drinking establishments?  Is there a sociological trend here?

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