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clinton-looksNow there is one worried man.

If you were wondering why on earth Hillary was unable to land that killer blow on Trump during the last televised debate then the picture above may well be the answer.

Having managed to engineer the seemingly perfect “October Surprise” to derail the Trump camp (and I may return to that issue later this week) the whole enterprise came unravelled at the debate.


Well the four formidable, and extremely angry looking women, in the top photograph are women who claim to have been sexually abused by Bill Clinton, and the look on Bill’s face is priceless – a more worried man would be difficult to imagine.  Interesting too that this consumate old pro manages to lose his cool on camera and allows us all to see his nervousness?

Sheer naked fear.

People are saying that Trump is an ingenue, a novice, a man unused to the subtleties of high level politics.  Far from it.  With his placement of these women up front and center stage at the debate he utterly killed off any further problems with the sex tape the Clinton camp intended to bury him with.

Sure, it was heavy-handed and it was politics as rough-house, but life outside the gilded realms of Congress and the cocktail cabinet University circuit is rough, and Trump just showed he can play the game as well as the best of them.

Hillary hasn’t managed to kill his run off yet and Trump is proving a quick learner.  Should get real interesting as we come into the final straight.

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