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In the aftermath of what has turned out to be a most surprising election those of us who espouse the lefty left of centre view of the world might well ask “Now what?”  What went wrong for the Democrats and their campaign plan?   I mean they should have creamed it.  Trump had absolutely no experience of politics, he had no plans and was rude to everyone.  And it worked?

The Democrats are in turmoil as it has all gone terribly Pete Tong.  We can but hope that Hillary’s crushing defeat will mean a severing of the Democrat party old guard from the levers of power.  Old male and stale by God are they out of touch.  Just don’t bet on it though, the endless capacity for America’s left to self destruct has no limits.

I mean who is left with any possibility of leading this basket case of a party onto another election?  Who in God’s green world is going to be in a position to lead these boobies in two years time for the mid-terms?  The only figures on the horizon are Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Saunders.  Bernie, bless, has said he might stand again but he would be pushing eighty, and Elizabeth is no spring chicken either – and I think we have seen that the American public are not yet mature enough to elect a woman as President.

Over the last few years the Democrats lost the House and the Senate, and out in the country how many was it 23 states that now have their state houses, senates and governors solidly Republican?  All the DNC had going was the Presidency, and now through their blinkered insistence that the oligarch candidate Hillary Rotten-to-the-core Clinton, was entitled to her shot at the big chair they have lost this too.

The controlling clique in the Democrat party must be removed.  The criteria for all their future candidates must be relevance and capacity not simply who their grandpappy was or who they married.

They failed in a way that Trump and Saunders did not.  They could not recognise or to take account of the sheer visceral anger of the electorate away from the cities of the east and west coast.  Out there in the rust belt the coal mines had gone, the steel mills were gone, all replaced with depression, crime and drugs.  The elite had come there certainly, oh and they made speeches.  There are always speeches.  They even offered sticking plasters and palliatives, offering the unempolyed“retraining” for the new industries that never materialised.  All the while lecturing any workers who complained that their situation was the fault of “white privilege”, or not working hard enough, for asking too much money or when all else failed blaming those pesky unions.  They set up Smart cafes in deserted malls for “Rednecks who code”.   Small wonder she lost.

East Liverpool in Ohio provided us with a simple example only a couple of months ago, right in the middle of the campaign.  The jobs left this little town back in the 50’s and then again in the 80’s.  Today it only hits the headlines because of those two drug addled fuckwits passed out in a car with a toddler in the back.

The Democrat party has long since sold out its working-class roots to the money men of Wall Street.  It cosied up to the Business and financial elite and turned its back on the Unions as the big boys took them apart.  A cost they argued that could be borne for the sake of all that lovely money flooding in.  The Democrats cannot with any honesty today claim to be the party of the dispossessed or the weak and disenfranchised.  The people bought this sell out back in the days of Bill Clinton, but saw through the gossamer of Hillary’s stumbling rhetoric.

At a recent DNC meeting the question “Who in this room works with their hands?” was asked  The answer was silence.  The disconnect is glaring.

Central office -that cosy nest of Nerds, geeks and wonks all got it wrong.  Almost every single prediction these numpties fobbed off onto an unquestioning press proved wrong.  Far from gaining support from the Hispanic constituency, Hillary lost numbers 71 in the Obama election down to 65 will the unelectable Hillary.  The Hispanics did the utterly treasonable – they actually voted for Trump rather than the little monster that the Democrats had foisted onto the public.  The young too (18 to 29) abandoned Hillary for Trump moving from 60 under Obama down to 54.  And the poor – oh surely Hillary should have held onto these?  Nope, they too left for Trump 60 – 52 and one can only despair that the DNC did not front up Bernie as we all know he would have done so much better.

Even women did not vote for Hillary.

Mind you Hillary was a very poor candidate.  She is no orator and clearly has never been happy at the large scale public event.  Her delivery was very flat and at times condescending.  As she has absolutely no sense of humour all those little bon mots and sound bites so elegantly crafted for her by the speech writers fell flat – they just sounded too pat, too much the sound bites.  Hillary does have a plus in that she will prepare to the nth degree but translated into rhetoric this can come over a trifle monotone and appear over rehearsed.  Flaws that you could not lay at the doors of Saunders or Trump.

Of all the candidates at their disposal the DNC chose the one with the single longest train of baggage imaginable.  Hillary had been in politics for decades and was seen as being part of the problem not part of the solution.  One might list in no particular order, Whitewater, Travelgate, Libya, Emails, The Clinton Foundation; Pay to play.  We might add also, for those more conspiratorially minded, the long indeed lengthening list of the unfortunates who ended up dying in suspicious circumstances around any of these aforementioned issues.

She was never out on the stump enough and it made her look complacent, as if she believed that the prize was hers already.  My own view on this is that she was simply just too tired to run the course.  Even if we discount the possibility of some deeper underlying malaise with her health she just looked knackered and any distance walking was too much.  That Bernie , an older man, was romping all over the place from husting to husting did not go unnoticed.

Even when she did turn up to rallies she was not the great draw that Trump was (or indeed Bernie).  Her people “managing” the photos to make the crowds look bigger failed.  Having to wheel in the endless show business lovies for their celebrity endorsement made her look weak.  Were people coming to hear her, or just to get a free Springsteen concert?  If we get any good from this shambles maybe the end of the bloody awful celebrity endorsement would be worth it.

There was no excitement, no sodding turnout and all the while the subliminal message that “You are OBLIGED to vote for Hillary because she is less worse than Trump”.  Dear grief was that IT?

The idea had always been that Hillary would be able to mobilise support more effectively than any of the other candidates or even Obama in 2008.  The disappointing sizes of her rally attendances gave the lie to that nice thought.

She also had a total failure to deal with any of the issues that were actually being asked about.  These were the 2008 bailout of the banks and financial institutions and why things aren’t better; Immigrants; Globalisation; Jobs; Why I do not have the prospects my father did? : Progressive values, Foreign Policy; ISIS; iran, etc, etc.

How did the DNC (and all the polls as well) get it so wrong in the run-up?  Partly the printed media of today are bought out by vested interests.  There is little appetite now to have by any real large staffs of investigative journalists far less to print what they might find out.  The TV media are a dead loss and the polls all looked at the wrong information.

Let me explain.  The pundits get their info by asking people in the street what they think or phoning them up on their landlines.  I don’t know about you but I don’t use my landline anymore I only use my mobile and I cannot be alone.  As to idiots asking me questions in the street I lie automatically.

So where should they have looked?  I am on Facebook (just like you I expect) and have been flooded with all sorts of information and opinions from friends and acquaintances.  Jokes, cartoons, passionate implorings I have the lot.  Add in Linked in etc, and I am getting a fair old slew of opinion and “news” from here.  I also go to alternate news sites.  Politics have changed and our access to opinion has changed with it.  The pollsters failed to follow the flow.  If my sources were anything to go on, then it was clear Trump was way ahead of anything the polls were seeing.

Still it all makes 2017 look even more fun.  Over here in Europe we have elections in France, Germany and Holland.  The populist fronts are invigorated by the Trump win and set to make loads of trouble over here too.

Copyright David Macadam 2016