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Provincial newspapers in Scotland have always struck a distinct if not downright surreal tone with regard to issues far from their parish boundaries, but those of Aberdeenshire have reliably been odder than most.

The above is the offering from this week’s Buchan Observer.  Buchan is a district of Aberdeenshire noted for oil exploration and fishing at the coast, and farming inland.  Encompassing as it does the delightfully quaint towns of Peterhead and  Fraserburgh it has traditionally had its own rather self-centered view  on the world.

Aficionados of such headlines will doubtless recall the Buchan Observer’s headline from the first day of World War 1 – “Giant Neep [a type of field turnip or Swede] found in field in Turriff”. 

Or indeed the possibly legendry headline from the Press & Journal of 1912 marking the loss of the Titanic “North east man dies at sea“.

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