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The picture above comes from that doyen of established web sites dealling with political issues.  They have clearly picked up on the Climate Changers boast that today the Arctic is over 30 degrees warmer that normal

The picture shows the terrible dangers that the native penguins are suffering from up there in the melting north.  It featured on Friday 25 Novemebr and oddly can still be accessed.

Now.  Sit back and THINK.  What is wrong with this guff?

Exactly.  Penguins do not live in th Arctic. Incidentally for those who enjoy that sort of thing this is the same floe of ice that saw the starving polar bear trapped on previously.

Which is why, whatever you read, please please think about what you are reading and excercise more judgement that the Daily Kos’s sub-editors and picture editors!

Sheesh. Really …. is there on hope left?

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