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“Tonight, tonight the bears are here tonight….”

So it turns out it wasn’t that no one actually liked Hillary, it wasn’t her limp lack-lustre campaign, it wasn’t that she wasn’t out on the stump enough, or that her rallies were dull affairs compared to Bernie’s or Donald’s,  it wasn’t that she ignored the wrong states until it was too late, it wasn’t her lack of substantial achievement to show us after all the years she had been in politics, or her inability to listen, or the lack of new inventive policies.  It wasn’t even that greasy tangible sense of self-entitlement.  Oh no it was all the fault of…….(roll of drums )    the damned Russians.

Yawn, here we go again.

So what else is new?

Despite all that we have heard, all that we have had thrust at us by an obviously enraged Obama, forced down our throats by a supine press, and plastered all over the official media, no actual physical evidence has been put forward regarding proof of Russian interference.  Even the freshly released official report is short on detail of how the hack was achieved and managed, or indeed how they came to their conclusions.  Smoke certainly, deception undoubtedly, distraction techniques and misdirection absolutely, indeed there may even be circumstantial evidence, but nothing real.  Instead Obama is doing his very best to damn his successor with being favoured by a foreign “enemy” but cannot lay a finger on this.  There is nothing concrete.  Diddly squat.

And after being sold a pup in the past about Iraq or WMD on the back of dodgy dossiers the public is rightly sceptical.   A straw poll yesterday on Linked In was 70 /30 against believing this nonsense.

Nor has the White House corroborated subsequent “leaks” from anonymous “officials” contending that the CIA believes the campaign was an attempt by Russian President Vladimir Putin to ensure Donald Trump’s victory.   It’s all a bit bloody rich the CIA complaining of political interference in other countries politics!  Check my previous blog here for far worse behaviour from the United States.

President Obama has ordered the intelligence community to produce a complete review of its findings before Trump takes office on Jan. 20.  The White House has said it will make as much of the report public as soon as it can.  Well, there may be absolute proof he can share with us.  Just don’t hold your breath folks, because dharlings I don’t think you’re ever going to see it.  Maybe Director General James Clapper of US Intelligence will give us a bit more to chew on next week.  Ooooh scary biscuits!  Why he couldn’t just tell us this yesterday afternoon is anyone’s guess.  Maybe it’s just to drag the whole sorry business out.

We are being asked to take their word on it.

Anyhow the more Obama shouts and acts all bad tempered, puffed up like some tempestuous bush-baby, the more he complains and the more he signally fails to evidence any interference, the more he makes himself a shrill, petty, mean-minded loser.


So, the above book “The Plot To Hack America: How Putin’s Cyberspies and Wikileaks Tried to Steal the 2016 Election” making a very apposite release in time for political junkies like me to get this for Christmas.  In my case from a dedicated Democrat follower who worked for Clinton in Ohio  – but I’m sure that had nothing to do with it!

It is written by Malcolm Nance, who we might remember has never been a friend of Trump’s and has a history of support for Hillary.

“The Plot to Hack America” is a superbly researched piece of work describing the Russian States Cyber teams, the Cyberbears above, but it is not an entry-level read.  Nance clearly has a wealth of knowledge in the field and this can make the book a little heavy going at times weighted down as it is with three letter acronyms, codenames and operational terms.  I would though recommend this book to anyone who wants to catch up on the last few years to understand where we are now.  Russia clearly has a historical ambition in this since back in the 1940’s – as indeed has America.

There is a pattern here.  Nance does a very good job showing Russian involvement in various cyberoperations in recent years.  They have a history and form (but then so does America).  Obama seems to have forgotten that rather embarrassing phone call he had to make last year to Chancellor Merkel of Germany to apologise for being caught hacking her phone calls.  However I will agree it is rather suspicious and there is circumstantial evidence that points generally to Russia.

One really big problem for Nance, and everyone else, is that there is no denial that the documents published on Wikileaks were anything other than true.  There was no deception.  There was no attempt to mislead the voters.  These were not lies. There were no untruths here, it was the real deal.  The Democrats did write these things.  The Democrat elite like Podesta did try to affect their own Convention to ensure a Clinton victory.  It was just they were just shown up before the election rather than afterwards.  And that’s what is irking Obama.  His party were “at it” and were found out.

It takes a certain brass neck for Obama to get angry about being called out as a cheat and then blame the people who blew the whistle.

It does not help Obama that the likes of Assange and Wikileaks can state that Democrat computers such as Podesta’s were so insecure “a 14 year old could have hacked it”.  It makes the Democrats look amateurish and sloppy.  The report seems to suggest that attempts were also made to hack the Republican party computers but they were better protected.

The Russians cannot even be shown as having any effect whatever on the election outcome.  There is no sign whatever they attempted to overcome the electronic voting machines or the counters. What is needed is that America and other countries in the west keep up to date and ensure that our systems are secure and robust.  But this should be standing orders not something brought out in reports.  Perhaps we might even insist that officers of the state avoid using their own servers?

Nance cannot even show us that it was the Russians who passed these onto Wikileaks.  Nor can the recent report.  Indeed the public might conceivably ask if the Russians are performing a public service.  They might even ask themselves why Wikileaks has had to fill in the gap previously covered by Freedom of Information requests.

Do the Americans actually need Putin’s Russia to draw their attention to deficits in their system?  Isn’t that what America’s media are there for?  Where were America’s investigative press?

At best, It is all a lot of nonsense being blown out of proportion to try to smear the results of an election which the Democrats lost by fielding a very poor candidate and having a cavalier approach to cyber security.

At worst it is a sign of America’s elite looking for the next bogey-man to distract their hacked off public.

Copyright David Macadam 2017