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The ongoing and increasingly acrimonious row over an unseen unverified report about Donald’s taste in after work recreation whilst abroad is beginning to focus on the document itself (of which more later).

So we might look to see if those reporting these matters are credible sources in themselves.  Do they check, verify and double-check items and illustrations? And let’s concentrate on CNN as they seem to be leading the pack.

The picture above accompanied a report by CNN back on December 30th and was used again in early January. It purports to show how those dastardly Russkies hacked into those nice people at Democrat National Headquarters.  See?  Look there is the code running on a screen before your very eyes.

Only it isn’t.  You would have thought that with all this emphasis on “False News” and false flag stories CNN might have found something better than a screen shot from “Fallout 4” one of the most popular video games of the year.  Seriously did this “journalist” think you wouldn’t notice?


CNN not credible but credulous.  That or lying.

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