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The British Parliament’s Snowflake-In-Residence, the Labour Party’s leader Jeremy Corbyn, who is never one to miss a moving bandwagon, has been most outspoken about the need for the country to distance itself from President Trump following his decision to temporarily stop immigration from a number of countries considered to be the source of terrorists.

Jezza, all plumped up and with a nice new tie PR gave him for Christmas, has been mooching about the sofas of various British TV Breakfast formats, playing the arch prig and declaiming that Trump must now be declined the invitation to a State Visit to the UK.

Far be it for us, says old Jeremy, to accord this international pariah the soapbox and oxygen of publicity a visit to the Mother of Parliaments would accord.

He simply could not bear the idea of this offensive extremist being in Parliament.

Presumably in his dotage, the old hypocrite thinks we have forgotten the photograph above showing a meeting in Parliament of a much younger Jeremy with the IRA’s spokesman and apologist-general Gerry Adams which was taken in 1984 only three weeks after the IRA blew up an entire hotel in Brighton in an attempt to assassinate Margaret Thatcher and her cabinet.  And very chummy they were too, and their friendship went back years.  The explosion killed Sir Anthony Berry the sitting MP for Enfield Southgate.  The IRA had also murdered three other MP’s, Airey Neave 1979,  Rev Robert Bradford 1981 and Ian Gow in 1990. Over 3,600 others were killed by the IRA in Northern Ireland and mainland Britain


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