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Ever since Donald Trump enacted his 90-day moratorium against entry to the United States from nationals of Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia and Iran, the liberal West has gone into a freaked out melt-down of wholely synthetic righteous indignation.  “How dare he, how very dare he”, they cry as if it was truly astonishing that a politician might come good on a political pledge.

And, of course, everyone who is anyone, and many who are nobodies, are falling over themselves to ban his State Visit to Britain.

Our friends in the liberal West seem to have forgotten, if they ever actually knew it, that similar and far worse discrimination has been the norm, ongoing with many of these countries and others. for many years.

We might usefully consider the number of countries that actively block the entry of people with Israeli passports.  They are:-

United Arab Emirates
Saudi Arabia

Afghanistan between the years 1996 and 2001 also had a policy that they would not allow Jews or Christians into their country.  North Korea also has a policy of banning Christian missionaries.

Oh look! A number of these countries we will recognise from Trump’s list.  These countries are, of course, at pains to point out that they do not ban JEWS per se.  Oh no, no, no, it is simply people who come from Israel regardless of their religion.  Kuwait were happy enough to be rescued from Saddam Hussain during Gulf War One by Jewish American soldiers but forget it if you are an Israeli Jew.  One might almost imagine that they welcome any Jew, as long as he does not have a homeland.

So, will these countries be subject to the level of approbation that Trump is facing?  I very much doubt it.  On Tuesday at the City Hall in London, Sadiq Khan that most trendy of left wing darlings and the Muslim Mayor of London pompously condemned all travel bans based on religion or nationality before hosting a soiree for ambassadors of countries that do exactly that.  Let’s guess how many representatives from the above countries were there.  Ah yes, Bangladesh, Brunei, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Pakistan, Sudan, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.  Will he seek to block state visits for their leaders?  Don’t hold your breath.

This sort of thing seems to be spreading.  Only a day after Trump caught all the headlines Kuwait (never the most welcoming of countries but happy to turn up to Khan’s junkets) brought in its own set of bans.  Kuwait will no longer be issuing visitor, tourist or trade visas to anyone from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan or Afghanistan.  Nor will their passport holders be able to gain entry even for transit.

It seems the Kuwaiti authorities are every bit as concerned about security as the Americans.  But far less likely to be condemned.

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