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The last election was plagued by accusations of ongoing voter fraud and a total systemic failure in many states to run an election in an open, clear and safe manner.  Then everyone decided to play it safe and have a pop at the damned Ruskies again.  Well, never mind the Russians, Americans need to worry about their own County Clerks and State Election Departments.

It is so bad that just earlier this week West Virginia’s new Secretary of State Mac Warner announced that in the 45 days since he took office on 16 January 2017, he had promptly sacked his Election Divisions Manager Layna Brown, along with Elections specialists Tammy Roberts and Cristie Hamilton before hauling in the County Clerks for a wee “chat”.  36,635 deceased voters have now been removed from the electoral rolls of West Virginia.  Not just the dead either, they are stripping out those who have moved address or duplicate entries.  And 36,635 is only about a third of the number Mac Warner thinks need stripped out to clean up his voters’ rolls.  That’s about 10% of the estimate voters.  Unconscionable.

Whilst we cannot prove that this sloppy administration has led to actual voter fraud any system this chaotic is open to abuse.  And it’s not just West Virginia that flout the provisions of section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act..

According to Judicial Watch In Iowa in 2012, there were more people registered to vote than were living in the state in at least 24 counties up from 10 counties in 2010. In Colorado, that number increased from 10 counties in 2010 to 22 counties in 2012.  The data was compiled by comparing U.S. Census data with U.S. Election Assistance Commission information.  It is not at all clear that these “anomalies” have been cleared up.

And if you would like a Watch List of other States whose arithmetic is being called into question then we might start with Washington DC, Mississippi, Missouri, Illinois, California, New Mexico, and Kentucky.

Oh, and in late news a Democrat spokesperson complained that West Virginia were engaged in systematic voter suppression and bigotry against their core electorate.

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