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j-c sick

This man is a bloody fool.  Time to get rid of him.

Almost every story these days could be considered either a bizarre prank or “Fake News”, or as today is the first of April an “April Fool’s joke”.  Sadly, these only confuse matters and misdirect one from the true inanities of life.

As such Jean-Claude Juncker The European Commission President came up with a true glory of the genre the other day, standing up and giving a speech where he says that he will “promote the independence of Ohio and Austin, Texas in the USA”.

Yes indeed, far more than any Russian interference with American elections here is a real live EU official boldly stating that he is a foreign power seeking to interfere with US Politics and fermenting secession.  It is to be imagined (though it is only a guess) that he felt the need to blow off in this manner because Donald Trump has supported Britain in her Brexit ambitions and tends to prefer to speak to the democratically elected leaders of individual European countries than this chain smoking old soak.

j-c plus drink

“Just leave the bottle….”

But first off who is this appalling little man?

He is Jean-Claude Juncker and he heads up the European Commission rejoicing in the role of “President”.  He is in charge of the secretariat.  Originally, he was the Prime Minister of Luxembourg, a tiny land locked principality in Europe principally noted for secretive banking practices, money laundering and tax fraud.  Previously our convivial old chiel had been its Finance Minister mixing with all sorts of unpleasant people.  Eventually ol’ J-C was forced to resign due to a poorly handled spy scandal.  His well forged old pals network wangled this present plum of a job and he has settled in nicely.

He also, it seems, likes a good bucket.


“Oooh!  Another how kind…”

He clearly does not like the Anglo-Saxon world view and the arrival of Trump has unsettled him.  Being bluntly asked to cough up his groups fair share of NATO costs has not gone down well and Trump tends to ignore Jean-Claude.

That Trump does not drink nor smoke only points up the contrast and can only make matters worse.

Jean-Claude has had for years to fight off constant stories that he is just a burned out old alcoholic pretending to still be a front line politician and that his drinking gets in the way of clear judgement.  We used to be amused by his delight in fine dining and heavy drinking.  It’s just that it’s no longer a joke.

Here on YouTube is a shinning example of Jean-Claude at his best discussing his day speaking with aliens. (oh yes!).  Its about seventeen seconds down the recording.  No one really knows what it was he was on about.

It’s no longer funny to think that Jean-Claude likes to start the day off with a good stiff Cognac, or that his favourite whiskey is a nice light Glenfarclas at £130 a pop, an entire fridge of which is tucked discreetly behind his desk.

It’s not amusing that when confronted by a French journalist at a lunch about his drinking he denied all these stories whilst sinking away four large glasses of champagne.

It is no longer amusing to see him reeling about unsteady on his feet in the middle of the morning, his suit all crumpled and breathing his alcohol laden halitosis over visitors.

With staff like this is it any wonder America and the world do not take Europe seriously?

With people like Jean-Claude Juncker in charge maybe the Brexit voters and other countries considering leaving have a point?

Juncker, you are an idiot, a fool and an embarassment.  It is time to go.

Copyright David Macadam 2017