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Caroline Kennedy

You just cannot hold a good family back.  Remember way back in 2008 there was much weeping and wailing, and gnashing of teeth that after 68 years the country was suddenly bereft of the wise words and council of having a Kennedy in either the House or the Senate telling everybody how?  Then, Joseph Patrick Kennedy II was retiring from the House of Representatives.  And the fear that seized a great nation was that Kennedy-less the world would have gone to hell in a handcart.

But it’s all right now, the teeth are back!  Well they were never really away for very long.  Its seems nothing will stop a family of oligarchs from hogging whatever limelight is going.  Then you will recall we were all to be saved by Joseph Patrick Kennedy III, son of Representative Joseph Patrick Kennedy II (the retiree) and grandson of Attorney General, Senator Robert F Kennedy, great nephew of Senator Teddy Kennedy and great nephew of President Kennedy and one-time poster child of this oligarch family.

Thereafter Joe Kennedy duly became US Representative for Massachusetts and all was right with the world.

But seriously you simply cannot have too many Kennedys in politics or the New York Times would go out of business, so this week we saw not one but two prospective Kennedys wheeled out to the awaiting mob

This time it’s down to Caroline Kennedy the only living child of President John F Kennedy, the last child of Camelot, to lift the baton, and whilst she is about it, to introduce her son Jack Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg the grandson of Jack Kennedy to the world.

Caroline (59 and a lawyer by profession) had been off the grid for a while as she had been serving as three times Ambassador to Japan during Obama’s administration and only back on home dirt earlier in the year.  Word is that she intends to run against New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in 2018.  Seems Caroline has always dreamt of following uncle Robert Kennedy as a Senator.  Well she has a name, which unlike that of Clinton is not freighted with masses of unhelpful baggage, and she has her own money too.  Depending on who you believe Caroline is worth between $80 million and $500 million with an annual payment from the trust of between $12 and $30 million.

Jack Schlossberg

But who was this that was her escort last week promoting the annual Kennedy “Profile In Courage” award in Boston?  Why none other than her son Jack (24) another high cheek-boned,big hairoligarchical sprog-in-a-suit.  Two Kennedys for the price of one.  At least he had the honesty to look a bit sheepish on stage.  Jack has just finished his undergraduate studies at Yale and is about to head off to Harvard Law School following the well- trodden cursus honorum of his elders.

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