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British Troops

Regular readers of the blog will have noted my concerns that this year’s season of European Elections would show an unwelcome drift to the right all across the continent.  Despite the jubilations in Brussels and elsewhere the Dutch elections were both alarming and inconclusive.  Gert Wilders won much more support than the media credited, and the negotiations afterwards to create a working coalition have now collapsed.  Holland will need to run another round of elections soon.

In France, there was great relief that Front National only came second with a massive increase in its vote.  Le Pen effectively hollowed out both the centre right and the left.  The parliamentary elections later next month should prove interesting and unsettling.

Austria too is heading for another round of elections as the old consensus there too crumbles.

Its not going well.

But what about that bastion of good sense, the Brits?  Surely, they can be counted on to manage matters properly?  Well, as I predicted Teresa May did decide to have an election and it is becoming very strange indeed.

She didn’t have to have one, but the thought of utterly decimating the pitiful opposition we have at the moment and making the UK parliament an effective one party state was too good an opportunity to waste.

Then there was an incident.

Two days ago, there was an atrocity in Manchester, where an Islamic Fascist suicide bomber blew himself up at a teenager’s music concert killing himself and many others.  It was a dreadful, vile act.  But what has followed gives concern.

Teresa May has suspended the election process.  Now, maybe one could argue that taking a day away from the hustings shows respect to the victims of this outrage, but two?  How about we just don’t get back into the election stride until say oh, the weekend?  And then just start with some local events working up to the national ones next week?  It fairly kills off the adverse reaction that Teresa May’s scheme to steal pensioners’ homes to pay for social care created.  It means that the other political leaders are knocked off the TV perches except to parrot May’s mantra about the need for security etc etc.  May of course is able to dominate the debate unopposed.

Once what passes now for normal service resumes all these “security issues” will allow Chairman May to fix the future terms and agenda of the election discussions.  Now it can all be about “Security” and  “Preserving National Interests”.  She can come over all Churchillian without any opposition.

Teresa May has raised the security level to “Critical” its highest possible, and put armed troops out on the street at public buildings, airports and railway stations.  In other words, all those sort of places the public would see or pass through.  You can feel the atmosphere changing around you.  Troops on British streets!  Ye Gods during thirty years of the Irish Troubles when the IRA were doing their best to bomb us to bits, when they even tried to assasinate the entire British cabinet when they were at Conference we never saw troops on the streets of the mainland.  But now we get troops during an election?  We are told that these soldiers will only be here until this latest emergency is resolved.  We are told they are under civilian control.  I wonder how long that might be?  A few days?  A couple of weeks?  Longer?

Now instead of worrying about the NHS and welfare concerns, Chairman May can engineer a khaki election!  Here she can come over all Maggie Thatcher, firm in the face of “intolerance” and the threats to our “way of life”.   She can be strong and stable in the face of non-existent existential threats to being “British”.

We can now sleep safe in our beds, smothered deep in the embrace of Chairman May.

Copyright David Macadam 2017