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May wants out.

No seriously think about it.

Theresa May is doing some very strange things for a supposedly clever politician.  At least that’s what the wife is suggesting.

After stating over and over again that she will not be going for an election before Brexit suddenly she declares she will.

Her campaign has seemingly been blighted by a huge number of self-inflicted errors, many of which would disgrace a newbie on their first run for a seat on the student body at a University.  Having started with an astonishing unassailable lead of some 24 points, the latest polls suggest she might be down into the realms of 4 or 5 points.  That puts May well into hung parliament territory.

May has run quite the most peculiar campaign.  Theresa May does not attend meetings with the public, choosing instead obviously staged events in sympathetic businesses’ canteens with a picked audience from the local constituency party.  She does not even engage in televised debates with the other leaders, thus leaving the floor wide open to them.  She seems to be hiding half the time.  When journalists do manage to track her down to ask questions of her policies she prevaricates and refuses to answer.  She even locked some of them in a cupboard at one of her rigged excursions to keep them out of the way.

Her answers are insulting gobbits from an endless mantra “Strong and stable” which have long since worn thin.

Why?  Why throw it all away?

I suspect that she has finally wised up to the sheer enormity of the forthcoming Brexit negotiations.  The whole “Leave” campaign which she has signed up to, is a fantasy.  It has disaster written all over it.  She has realised full well that leaving the EU and the single market is economic suicide, and that if it all goes pear shaped there is a more than distinct possibility that Scotland and Northern Ireland (which both voted to Remain in the EU) will hold separate Referenda and leave the United Kingdom.  Chairman May will have been the Conservative leader who presided over the disintegration of the United Kingdom.

No Conservative politician would ever want to have the break-up of the British Union on their record.  That much is a certainty.  It’s not the history she wants attached to her.

She could have resigned, handed the poisoned chalice to someone else, but that is not the Theresa way.  Instead she seems to have opted for suicide, to throw herself on her sword, even if that means she will take her party down with her.  If the party lands in hung parliament territory or even loses the election outright then May will have to be replaced.   Which would be just fine; it would save her being tainted with Brexit.  She would simply be another leader who lost an election, not the politician whose folly broke apart the nation itself.

No, she is throwing the match, taking the dirty dive, bailing.

That way Theresa is saved, she can retire with dignity, her name unsullied.

Let’s look at her manifesto.  None of which seems properly costed!

It is an astonishing piece of work.  It shamelessly benefits the upper classes and the elites at the expense of traditional Conservative voters, the aspirational working and lower middle classes, and the old.  It makes Osborne look like a liberal freedom fighter.

The manifesto seems designed to stuff the unemployed, doctors, teachers and pensioners.

  • Pensioners her core voters face losing their triple-locked pension and fuel allowances.
  • If you need nursing/social care at the end of your life and you own a home then this will be taken from you to pay for the care. Your children will not inherit.  This policy from a party that pushed home ownership as a public good!  A spectacular own goal. Reaction was swift and predictable and from here on the ratings sank like a stone.
  • Failing to address the continued concerns of the electorate about migrants. Indeed, stating that they will continue to flow in, in their tens of thousands for years to come.
  • Tax will be increased for ordinary working people and not just the rich.
  • National Insurance will be increased for the ordinary working person too.
  • Student loans on education will increase.
  • The minimum wage will be rigidly kept down.
  • And of course, Corporation Tax will be reduced!
  • Un-forced, Theresa has chosen now to want to bring back fox hunting. Why if not simply just to irritate the electorate?  Have we nothing more important to deal with?
  • Theresa refuses to guarantee rights for EU citizens
  • Now, suddenly in the last week May declares that she wants to sell off parts of the NHS estate. If the British have a religion it is the NHS.  I cannot think of a stupider time to come out with something like this.  Unless that is you want to lose?

Who does she think would vote for this?

No one of course, and that is the point.  Theresa May can see the bloodbath of negotiation clearer than most, and wants none of it.  If she makes a mess of Brexit it will stick to her like shit to fur.  She cannot face that, her over vaunting pride would not let her.  By handing over to the Labour party she passes the buck.  The Conservatives can sit back, call Corbyn an incompetent old fool and blame the catastrophe to come on him.

If it all collapses then a rejuvenated Conservative party will be there to come to the countries rescue.  Maybe.

May wants out, help the poor soul next Thursday.

Copyright David Macadam 2017