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It is always a surprise for Americans that British elections are such relaxed affairs, and have a long tradition of “unorthodox candidates” who stand against major figures in their home constituencies.  In America’s rigidly stagemanaged political theatre these eccentric satirists would have been given the bums rush long since.  But in Britain they get to stand right next to the Prime Minister who just has to grin and put up with it.  It only costs £500 to stand and you just need ten electors to sponsor you.  So that’s easy then you, your family and the lads down the pub and your off. So, I thought you would love this.

As we can see, Theresa May, who is never noted for her sense of humour, is clearly seething.

The character here is Lord Buckethead, an intergalactic space lord seeking to bring some sparkle to Maidenhead, a rather dull town in Berkshire, where Theresa May has her constituency.  He wears a cape and what appears to be an old coal scuttle.

He even has a political advert, which actually is better than a lot of the real things.  You can catch it here – Where are we now?.  It’s actually worth watching.  The song is a reworking of David Bowie’s “Where are we now” as a love poem for Maidenhead.  God knows Maidenhead needs it.

Lord Buckethead has form.  He, or some now forgotten previous iteration of himself, has stood in the past against sitting Conservative PM’s, Margaret Thatcher in 1987 and again against John Major in 1992.


The last photo shows the entire line-up at the election count.  And no, you cannot get out of it just cos you are posh, or important, or the PM.  Theresa May is at the left as far away as she can get from the guy dressed as Elmo from the series Sesame Street, and that fat bloke in the white suit “Howling Laud Hope” of the Monster Raving Loony Party.

Makes you proud to be British.

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