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Well it’s that time of the year, isn’t it?  The holidays are just around the corner and one starts to feel the need for a good book to while away the weary hours on that sun drenched beach you have been dreaming of since Christmas.

So why not dip into Amazon’s extensive read list?  Order it up from the comfort of your chair and they will drop it through the door.  Excellent.  Oooh this looks good.  “Why Socialism Works” by Harrison Lievesley.  My, that’s the very dab.  Just the very thing for the younger fans of Bernie and Jezza.  And at £7.99 for 169 pages it is quite the bargain.  Most comments are in the four and five star range, except for Ms Jane Collins’s above, who seems to have suffered a humour failure.

You see when you receive it you will discover that on each and every one of its 169 pages is written “It doesn’t”.

Hilarious eh?  Well it made me laugh and I’ve read “The Art of the Deal”.

As good a reason to use your friendly local book-shop for your holiday reading as I can think of.


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