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In what has surprised many punters today, the news is that Trump was so overcome by the devastation in Houston following Hurricane Harvey that he has given a million dollars of his own money to Houston to help.  Wow.

Which is generous even for a rich man.  But astonishing from a President.  Because the other ex-Presidents even those with strong Houston and Texas connections and oodles of dosh, have not been noted for their sense of public benefaction and have been keeping their hands firmly stuck in their pockets.

Could these ex-politicians be good for a dip?  Probably, and it would be most interesting now that that monster Trump, the Democrat’s very idea of an Anti-Christ, has led the way to see what they do next.

Let’s start with Hillary.  So how much is Hillary worth?  Well, with the speeches, memoirs, and government salaries and based on her Public Finances Disclosures she is worth around $31.3 million.  And remember she has a new book coming out this autumn.  (Maybe her publishers have missed a trick here eh?).

Hubby Bill is worth around $80 million according to MoneyNation .com.

And now the other living Presidents apart from Billy-boy?

Jimmy Carter is probably the least wealthy of the lot with about $5 million to his name.  And has alone of them all a reputation for wandering around the world doing good.

However, the Bush family are worth around $400 million.  Remember the family has over the years comprised 2 Presidents, 2 United States Senators, 1 Supreme Court Justice, 2 Governors, 1 Vice President, Ambassadors and officials galore.  Many of whom have strong Texas and Houston connections.

George H W Bush is personally worth $23 or $24 million.  And G W Bush is worth about $20 million.

Any chance they will follow suit and match Trump.  Nope thought not.  Oligarchs don’t play generous.

Finally, there is Obama, our favourite Community Activist made good.  Any chance he is going to come good from his $12.2 million pocket?  He gets about $200,000 per speech.  Maybe he could do a couple and donate the money?

Fat chance.

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