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ginger v orange

(And God does the Democrat party want rescued)

The American political system is never at rest, never in a pause position, and despite not yet being a year into a new administration the jockeying for position for the next election has started

Joseph Patrick Kennedy III, the grandson of Robert Kennedy and presently in the House of Representatives for Massachusetts is being tipped by some for the run against Trump next time round.  We will probably be too late for a Elizabeth Warren run, as she would be in her seventies.  At least we can be thankful it won’t be a bloody Clinton.

Most of the Democrat contenders so far are either going to be way too old : Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders all would be in their seventies, or just plain unknown.

So far, we know of the following who are possible contenders (in their own minds even if not the electorates).

Senators, Al Franken; Tim Kaine; Cory Booker; Kirsten Gillibrand; Kamala Harris; Amy Klobuchar; and Chris Murphy all have a lot of work to become household names across the nation.  Remember most American buy Heinz ketchup simply because they recognise the name, not because they think it’s the best going.

Governors Cuomo; Terry McAuliffe; John Hickenloorer; Jay Insleer; and Steve Bullock might fare marginally better on the well kent basis, but not by much.

Representatives Seth Moulton and Jason Kander are hardly known and Mayor Eric Garcetti too.  Howard Schultz is an outlier, just included for a bit of colour.

So, Joseph P Kennedy III US Representative for Massachusetts’s 4th Congressional District and the grandson of assassinated Robert Kennedy, and leading member of the sixth generation of Kennedy’s seems well placed.  A Kennedy to the rescue has a certain something to it.  Not that he is declaring yet of course, just not ruling himself out.

He has advantages beyond just the name.  He has the very good looks and carroty hair of the Kennedys.  He is clearly cleverer than some previous Kennedy scions, and best of all he has managed to avoid coming across as entitled, pompous and arrogant all faults which a number of previous Kennedy contenders had.  He has that essential of all serious American political contenders, a beautiful and intelligent wife and a young family.  Now does the photo from the Daily Mail remind you of anyone?

jo kennedy 111 town & country and mail

Photo credit Ben Hoffman, Town & Country and Daily Mail

Could 2020 be the battle of Ginger against Orange?


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