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Vote early vote often

Simply as a coda to previous posts regarding the woeful state of the Electoral Rolls all across the US, I am blogging this piece about one person who so far has been arrested, tried and sentenced for voting whilst being an alien resident.

It could almost be straight out of the Donald Trump book of tall tales.

Rosa Ortega a Mexican alien who was on a Green Card has lost her appeal and been sentenced to eight years in jail for voting, not once, not twice but five times all in different cities in recent elections.  She will almost certainly be deported on completion of her term.

As I have pointed out previously, America has a real problem here right across the states.  And it’s not simply with those true blue Democrat leaning states where the cynical have always imagined a blind eye is turned to non citizens voting because it is assumed they will vote Democrat.

But that’s only one case I hear you cry.  My own bet is that this is so awful administrations are reluctant to look because the size of the scandal would be so embarassing.

Rosa Ortega was registered in Texas, hardly a hot bed of liberal pinko wishy washieness.  It has been solidly Republican for years.  In court she even stated she had voted Republican when she committed these crimes.  So this case does not fall into the Democrat trope of their voter stock being unfairly picked on for being poor and stupid.

Not that Ortega saw she had committed much of a crime.  After all she had only signed a bit of paper?  And then driven to the polling place – several times – and waited in line – and voted.

Ortega had registered in Texas and then voted in five different cities all despite her driver’s licence being checked in the “non citizen” box.  This is not simply a problem with Democrat administrations turning a blind eye to bad practice this is a failure of governance to maintain the voters roll.  It’s not a problem with hick states that just can’t manage to suck their teeth, play the banjo and fart at the same time.   That it is so widespread is very worrying.

What is needed is for every Governor to openly come out and check out how many voters they have listed against the possible number of citizens who would be eligible.  And if there is an appreciable error start sacking the officials responsible.  Then do what every other country does and send out staff to physically check the addresses and sort the registers out.  It’s not actually difficult.

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