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Today is sixteen years since America was hit in a concerted terrorist attack the like of which she had never seen.  Perhaps it is appropriate to take a few minutes to consider the events.  And to wonder.  To wonder why, whilst there may be all sorts of reasons why two buildings designed to withstand aircraft strikes fell so quickly (and so neatly).

And why this…


This is the third building in the World Trade complex that fell sixteen years ago.  It was called Building Seven.  Nothing hit it beyond bits of hot debris, yet it too fell in exactly the same manner as the first two towers.  World Trade Center 7 is the only steel structured high-rise to collapse from just being on fire.  Odd eh?

Then we had this too that day.


This is the Pentagon Building after the impact of the third plane.  Frankly it is not terribly extensive, all things considered and certainly not when one saw the devastation attributed to the first two.

Now this is taken a day or so after the strike?  But where did the debris go?  Where is the plane?.  In normal crash sites there is debris everywhere.  Admittedly the front of the plane which impacted the building may have been extensively destroyed but the hole is too small for the wings.  So they would have survived.  And the tail fin.  And the all but indestructible engines they would have hit the wall but survived.  But we don’t see any of that.  Nor the usual small stuff of airline crashes, the chairs and upholstery, the bags and luggage.  There were not even those poignant personal items that the press so much like to wringe our hearts with, the rosearies, teddy-bears, baby’s toys.  Grief there were’nt even passports.  Remember that even given the wholesale destruction at the twin towers a passpost of one of the terrorists was found.  But at the pentagon?  Nothing.  Not even video footage.


Nope, no plane here either.

Sixteen years on and still so many questions.

So lets bear all this in mind when Governments want to impose restrictions on free speech under the banner of stopping “False News”.

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