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It was announced last night that Pete Domenici the former Senator for New Mexico had died.  He had served for 36 years in the Senate and was the longest serving Senator from New Mexico.

Those interested in oligarchical connections within the political elites in the USA might care to look at this dreadful old moral scold and hypocrite above, Republican former Senator Pete Domenici from New Mexico.  He who falls into the “can’t keep their willies in their pants” brigade.  And don’t carry condoms either.

Way back in the late 1970’s (great days weren’t they?) Pete Domenici was a married Senator for New Mexico when his eye was caught by the attractive intern that worked in his office.  Michelle Laxalt was then 24 years old and had managed to swing a place as a prestigious intern in the Senate office, purely through effort and talent you understand, and not in the least because her old man was former Governor and now Senator Paul Laxalt.   One thing led to another and soon Domenici was abusing his position of trust and influence chasing the lithe young thing round the office offering her a poke with his pork sword.

Sound familiar?

Well it turns out that he managed to get the girl preggers and she had to leave to have the child.   So Domenici wasn’t an advocate of safe sex then either?  Of course not that a word of all this was leaked at the time.   The child was a boy, Adam.

Spin forward a few years and this pillar of his local church whom The Independent called “The very embodiment of family values and rectitude” stood in front of the Senate and opined on Bill Clinton.  He sought Clinton’s impeachment for “personal transgressions”.  With an intern.  In his office. And all with a straight face too.

Who could forget the fine old upright, shameless old goat calling for Clinton’s impeachment boasting “Truthfulness is the first pillar of good character in the Character Counts program of which I have been a part of establishing in New Mexico.” . Of course we were never made wise as to Domenici’s past.  Despite it being common knowledge throughout the Senate.

You might say well it was all in the past, he is retired so we should leave the old fraud alone.  Except that even in his late seventies this disgraceful old roué was still actively involved in politics.  Despite investigations by the Senate Ethics Committee in 2006, he was at work for Romney in Nevada.  He only retired as late as 2009.

He lied, covered up and only owned up because it was coming out again.

My interest here is not simply the blatant hypocrisy (they are politicians after all) but that this shows very clearly the connections that exist unbeknownst to us between members of Congress.  Here, deliberately kept secret from the public for decades, was a clear close familial and genealogical connection between two seemingly independent Senators.   (Remember there are only 100 of them).  This is how oligarchy is created.

And as for Adam, the child of their union?  Adam Laxalt became Attorney General for Nevada in 2014.  As oligarchical as it comes.

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