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Nothing says Christmas in America like Guns (Scotsdale AZ Rifle Club)

Sunday night’s attack was the 273rd mass shooting in the country this year, according to Gun Violence Archive, a website that tracks incidents and crimes involving guns across the United States. A “mass shooting” is defined as four or more people being shot at the same time or location.  It was unbelievably in a “modern” westernised country also the 1516th in 1735 days.

Everyday a shooting.  Its normal in America.  Twinned with Democratic Republic of Congo.

So, let’s just not bother with the “thoughts” and the “prayers” and “deepest warmest condolences”.  Let’s just not bother with the “heartfelt concern”, the “kudos to our emergency services”.  Above all let’s body serve the teddy bear mountains, the political tributes and the memorial lights.  Just forget the flowers and rest of that shite.

And wake up to the fact that America is a violent society and always has been.  And the politicians are going to do damn all about it.

Only in America, only in America – could the GOP insist that the Vegas gun owner’s arsenal is a “right” and that medical treatment for his 500 plus surviving victims is a “privilege”.

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