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Mueller’s first wave of indictments in the never ending search for proof that Russia and Trump colluded to bring down the American Election in a hail of Facebook Posts has scooped up Paul Manafort on an old money laundering charge unconnected to the Trump campaign, and a peculiar story involving George Papadopoulos, a one-time foreign policy advisor, who has admitted lying to the FBI regarding his interaction with a Russian linked London Professor and the promise of “thousands of emails “ dripping with unspecified “dirt on Hillary Clinton”.  Oh yes and a vague promise to meet someone with close personal connections to Vladimir Putin himself.

Oooh scary biscuits!  Looks pretty good eh?  Well as the old saying goes, if it looks good it might not be.  Dead set to appear in the New York Post, but will this sorry lot of old kvetch ever make it to a court room?  Shall we take a closer look at our “London Professor” and see if you think is a credible witness and was ever in a position to deliver all these goodies?  Shades of Christopher Steele and his splendid dossier (discussed at length here.)

Yeah why not!

Our London Professor turns out to be one Joseph Mifsud (pictured above) a Maltese national who presently works as an Hon. Director of the London Academy of Diplomacy.  Sounds good?  Oh yes especially as he makes a point of stating he is affiliated to the University of Stirling in Scotland.  Not that it is at all clear what it is that Joseph is Professor of, what his academic history is, and where he holds his substantive academic chair.  Certainly Papadopoulos doent seem to have checked.

But let’s start with the London Academy of Diplomacy, which certainly sounds the business, but should NOT be confused with The Diplomatic Academy of London a long established and regarded British establishment.  Just sort of sounds like it.  Indeed the LAD was only incorporated on 9th January 2015 (Ref 09382151) and had only two officers noted at the time of incorporation, and one of them has since resigned.  This alone should have sent Mr Papadopoulos’s alarm bells ringing but I guess he did not do any due diligence on Mifsud and his Academy.  Remember it had only been going a year before they met.

But you will argue, it will be a rigorous course designed to set up a well-presented graduate with a sound understanding of the diplomatic world and have a proven job placement record?  Don’t get your hopes up, the course is a right dog’s breakfast and it’s one highlight is a whole two week education field trip to Europe linked with Nyenrode Business University in the Netherlands to visit headquarters like NATO, the EU, and The International Court of Justice and The International Criminal Court.  All things you could do perfectly easily on your own.

Entry is by a degree (no mention of the need for Honours) but “relevant skills” may do, or just having worked for five years in the field will be ok at a push.  Oh, damn it if you can cough up the fees you are in.

And that connection with Stirling University?  Seems Joseph has only been with them for a few months since May 2017.  And Stirling University have gone all shy about him as of yesterday.  Make of that what you will.  Do you smell rats yet?

Maybe I am being unfair.  Perhaps Professor Mifsud’s previous academic career raises his profile.  We note for instance he was at one-time President of the Euro-Mediterranean University located in Slovenia.  No, I’d never heard of it either.  Hardly top rank University stuff here either.

Now I wonder why Professor Mifsud left this prestigious Slovenian institute?  Could it have been to do with an recent audit showing that Professor Mifsud had run up 39,000 euros of how shall we put it “ineligible expenses“ which included 10,000 euros worth of phone calls?.

So, to sum up this guy pops out of almost nowhere, attached to various institutions which like him seem to have materialised only the other day, and offers you Mr Papadopoulos his close personal instant access to various contacts deep inside the Russian establishment (“no names please we must be discreet, but one I can say is President Putin’s niece……hm hm”).  Aye right.  Almost as if he was setting the naïve Papadopoulos up for a fall?

(You see any simple genealogist would tell you Putin’s siblings died young and he does not have a neice).

And fell for it Papadopoulos did.  The booby.  God I hope he didn’t pay this snake oil merchant actual cash.

My bet is that Mifsud has no closer connections to Russia than the Vodka in his sideboard, and Mueller is going to look a right pratt trying to stand this sorry tale up in court.
Copyright David Macadam 2017