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Have you seen this man?

Fly-by-night Maltese “academic” Professor Joseph Mifsud, whom we remember met up with arch-dupe George Papadopoulos during the 2016 election and promised him all sorts of hair raising “dirt” on Hillary Clinton from his friends in Russia has vanished!

I wrote about this extraordinary Walter Mittie character the other week at some length.  You can catch it here.

Mifsud, who has been cited by Special Investigator Mueller as a key figure in the US Special Council Investigations of “Russiagate”, and Russian involvement in Hillary Clinton’s losing the election, has disappeared from his private University in Rome and has not been seen in a week.  As he seems to be key to the entire Russiagate case (such as it is) it’s a bit of a blow.

However, as the bold boy has a history of exaggerating his minimal academic achievements, his contacts with Universities and Academic Institutions and his influence and contacts in a psychopathically needy manner to appear “a player” and central to what is going on in the world we should not be too surprised.

My own best guess is that the water is getting too hot even for the duplicitous Professor, and he has taken a powder and bunked off somewhere until the heat dies down.  Judging by what we have seen of his modus operandi I would not be surprised if he is writing a book.

Alternatively, and depending how much you personally hate Hillary, he has committed suicide by three shots in the back of the head (on his off-hand side), with his hands tied behind his back, zipped up in a duffle bag locked with a padlock all whilst his lungs were filled with water.

But if you are a fan of these things, don’t worry Christopher Steele who wrote a crap dossier is back on the scene!  Ye Gods this Democrat non-story gets more desperate by the day.

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