Seems wee Christopher Steele and his $125,000 dossier on Trump’s connections with Russia is back in the news.  Christopher is being faced with a libel suit as a result of his ill-advised decision to get involved in providing an anti-Trump document funded by Democrat party money in the middle of an election. Which same dossier Steele then tried to get the FBI to take seriously – thereby encouraging them to act against one candidate using a document funded by the rival.  An act of stunning stupidity, and one an experienced MI6 operative should have been wise to.

A year ago, in a piece entitled,” Who Is This Bastard And Why Is He Lying To Me?”  I suggested this schmuck had thrown up a bolus of worthless tat and rumour which could only come back to bite him.

All that can be heard today is the sound of brakes being slammed on, gears crunching into reverse as Chrissie and his firm Orbis Business Intelligence are backing away smartish from as much of that report as they can dump.

Where once he happily talked of “trusted” sources, these are being downgraded in court to “limited intelligence”.

Yep all unravelling completely.

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