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After all the millions of dollars spent, the hundreds of staff diverted from more pressing tasks, and the thousands of hours devoted to this nonsense is that it Mr Mueller?  Thirteen Russians?  Thirteen?

But one can see what has been apparent all along.  The mainstream media (half-a-dozen large corporations) , Corporate America, Democrat and some Republican politicians didn’t like the idea of Trump, and still won’t accept Trump as president.

They aim to keep this whole sorry charade up until the Mid terms when they hope to cash in on votes to achieve who knows what?  Maybe an impeachment.  .

The perverse irony is that if any misdirection was being engaged in, then more attention might be profitably spent on Team Clinton, DNC, CNN, MSNBC et al.  The electorate saw through all this, and voted against Hilary to the horror of the elite liberals and the oligarchs combined.

And unless some real solid evidence can be found of Russian effect or collusion, it’s a fairly pointless exercise.

Still, Mr Mueller has decided to break cover and name the “guilty men”.  He had better hope it sticks or he could be in for a fall.

We can, I think, assume that Mueller trusts that these thirteen cannot be forced to attend what they might reasonably fear would be a show trial.  Indeed, their country may not let them go.  Mueller can therefore grandstand away without the little technical difficulty of having to actually prove guilt under the rigours of an open trial.

It might be most interesting if any of these Russians did choose to attend.  In which case Robert Mueller might like to have a word with ex-Senator Norm Coleman about the last time this type of stupidity came monumentally unstuck.  I speak of course of Gorgeous George Galloway the scourge of the Senate.

Of him more tomorrow!


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